Rim World


I don’t know a lot of folks with bionic jaws either, but it sounds pretty cool!

Also, I make everything out of stone when possible. We’re Flinstones in this sci-fi world.


Stone is so much better than all the other materials.

It may be me, but I think he slowed down the people joining your group. I’ve never had to wait so long for new members as I have in the last two games.


The biggest issue with the game is that once you lose like one person you often enter a death spiral you can’t recover from, if they slowed down people joining it will just make that worse.

Honestly, my biggest issue is that it goes all Dwarf Fortress on you… only you have like 4-5 people at best most of the time. Whereas Dwarf Fortress you tend to have like 40+. If one guy goes insane and kills 2-3 people in DF, it’s hilarious fun. If they go insane and start breaking stuff, it’s good times. If one guy goes insane in RW you’re basically screwed. If they kill someone (or someone does something stupid that gets them killed), you’ve probably lost.

The game already ramps up pretty heavily, bad things happening needs a bigger safe zone. It doesn’t help that half the time you get tons of people unwilling to do critical tasks as well. “Well we’ll die if we don’t do X.” “I never do X.” “Me either.” /they die because they wouldn’t do it


So these modders are quick. All my mods except two seem to have received an update already for A17 which is awesome.


I think you’re right. People refusing to fight fires is usually what kills me. I usually do rich explorer so I only start with one character. I’ve had it where I’ve had 3 people who refused to fight fires join and then a dry thunderstorm hit. Lost all my stuff twice in that game. The second time was in winter and they let all of our food burn.

I have a video where I made a game for fun as and made it Tom and Bruce. Bruce was a pyro and Tom couldn’t fight fires fast enough. Starved to death.


I’m close to using some mods. I saw one that’s like a fridge for meals. I want a meals fridge.


I use the fridge mod, but Rimworld has one of the weakest systems for production AI’s I’ve ever seen. If you put the fridge next to the dining table, as per designed, the cook will often walk all the way down there to deliver one dish to it right now… which may have been fixed with the new AI. I haven’t played long enough to get fridges… yet. I’m hoping to get a better production line like Gnomoria had.


Some of the AI seems kind of worse now, too.


I really need to start playing this again. Before 17 my two favorite mods were shooting ranges for keeping my defense force trained up and mine fields just because they were really fun to use and added more tower defense type strategy beyond the standard traps.

What I would really like to see is the random encounter and emerging quest system fleshed out. The game needs a greater variety in monsters beyond the humanoid (raiders + traders + tribals), mechanoids and Insectoids. The lore really needs to be expanded and fleshed out.


I love how there are roads on the map now… and none of my pawns will even use them. They’re literally swimming across the river rather than use use the road and bridge right next to them.

I believe World quests were added. I have not experienced them yet.


Look no further:

Adds a law and order faction with Bions and a wild faction with beasts and clone vat monstrosities.


Yeah, the most useful thing about rivers is using them for blocking.

I’ve been given a few, but haven’t actually done any of the new quests.


I’ve run into a few. They’ve been along the lines of: “there are some raiders/pirates over here, go take them out. They have this loot/we’ll give you this loot for doing so.”

Pretty interesting. I tried doing one, but I ran into a fight on the way there and got beat up and then leaving the “zone” that was generated I lost the animals I took with me because they didn’t follow me out of the zone. So that sucked. But it’s a new thing so hopefully they’ll work on the issues with it.

Basically don’t take any animals because they’ll probably just leave and magically die and then everyone will be sad and you’ll be down animals.

Really my biggest problem of late is that I can’t get everything built that you need to get built before some raid screws everything. Hell, last game was going fairly well, then someone was fleeing some pirates, so I offered them safe haven. I had 5 or 6 dudes, but only a few weapons. No less than 8 guys were chasing this person. Half of them had shotguns. They killed everyone in about 30 seconds. These were the first enemies I’d encountered that even had firearms.

I hadn’t even gotten the ability to make a sword, much less the arsenal I would have needed to defend against that army.


I haven’t tried many of the world quests because it takes so long to get there and I can’t afford to have half my people gone for that long. And you just have to hope that you’ve brought enough firepower with you because you can’t retreat (at least as far as I can tell). If you find that the enemy is too strong, you just have to fight them to the death.

But one of these days I do want to haul a mortar out there and see how the raiders like being on the receiving end of a siege.


I’m pretty sure there (at least was) a mod to address this kind of issue. Will see if I can recall what it was called.

EDIT: I believe I’m thinking of “Crafting Hysteresis” and/or “Hauling Hysteresis”… neither of which seem to be A17 ready - and possibly abandoned.

https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=26623.0 (Crafting Hysteresis page)




Well I thought A17 was supposed to improve pathing, do something with not having your cook run back to the stove everyone hour to cook one meal so maybe… but then again my pawns won’t even use the roads.


Crafting Hysteresis’ functionality is now part of the base game. You can set a pause on a bill once it completes and a limit at which it will resume.

Also, with regards to cooks, always set their bill to ‘drop on floor’ and let the haulers deal with it (unless you placed the destination fridge right next to the stoves).


Good to know! I’m less sad about the hysteresis line of mods not being up to date now.


So, not that this is for most of you, and I’m not trying to spam my content, but I made a new guide for beginners.

Hopefully it helps explain some of the systems.


The inventory system for this is driving me crazy. It is so damn obtuse, and the individual who made the mod I use is moving and has to get settled before he updates it! Good for him though to keep things in perspective but god even with ginormous stacks these idiot pawns put 1 here, 2 there and 5 making 8 things into three stacks and of course all the stacks create beauty penalties… because if you work in a kitchen and have a stack of potatoes in the corner you’re apparently miserable.