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I don’t use mods as we’ve talked about before (though I am going to start reviewing them on YouTube I think) and couldn’t agree more. One of the biggest things that bugs the everloving shit out of me (the OCD doesn’t help) is that I have to spend so damned much time designing kitchens and then making them function properly. There is no good solution.


Yeah. I tried sitting up my kitchen to have the cook drop the meals to the floor do he didn’t spend all his time running around to the various table area and refrigerators. I come back to him and he has 30 fine meals on the floor, he’s off making another when he’s supposed to make 12… why, because the game only recognizes items in the inventory as made or part of anything and the hauler isn’t doing anything. He also still stops in the middle of whatever he is doing to go make one meal. I must be missing something for the latter because… i thought that last problem was supposed to be fixed with this patch.

So far, rivers are largely useless. Roads were awesome by my caravan took 4 days to go to a place that was supposed to take 2 days and now it’s estimating 8 to get back… uhh?


Rivers are the most useless other than as a border. I’ve had good luck with roads so far, so that might just be a bug? Then again, who knows!


My people won’t use the roads at all on the actual activity map, or whatever it is called. I was super excited though that having a road to the hamlet I was traveling too made that distance only two days of travel. I loaded them with 10 days of food to go to trade. Great right? 2 days there, 2 days back… plenty to spare.

Then… it takes them four days when they actually travel, they don’t even use the road the whole time and no amount of waypointing changed that calculation… and on the way back it’s 8… nothing has changed!

I tried to use the river to my advantage… Pawns won’t use the bridge, and i can’t really build as close to it as I thought to close up the colony with proper wall defense.


Love your videos and I can always use more hints.


Make a one square low priority stockpile on the floor where the crafted items drops. That way they will immediately count toward your total and still get hauled away to the main stockpile.


Guh, that sucks. I had a colony, the one in the video even, saying it was the ocean. I think it was because it had too much water?


That’t not really how inventory works in the game right?

I order to to get the food into the fridge or the place closet to where people are eating, you need that inventory space to be the or one of the high priorities.

In order to get your cook to not walk everywhere you need them to go to the closest… which is not an option.;

I see two options on the stoves, drop on the floor or deliver to the highest… no option for the lowest.

If they drop it on the floor, it stays there until someone hauls it away. if I go to the highest… all over the place. Even if I have the lowest inventory right there… they’re not going to use it with either two options.

That’s weird. I mean there are oceans in the world but an ocean river?


Awesome! Thank you!

I’m making some more videos to try to explain advanced stuff pretty soon!


It really is one of the damndest things. I didn’t think about whether it would screw up anything else.


Oh that is interesting.

So my river is not an ocean… While I thought parts of it would be great for defense… nope they just sort of wade right through it and avoid sporadic deeper sections of it. I kept thinking it might be handy like a wall… nope or maybe it would really slow them down and i could build a bridge as a choke point… nope.


Choose drop on floor. But make the place they drop it a one square low priority stockpile. When dropping on the floor they always start dropping in the same spot. It doesn’t matter if that spot is a stockpile or not they will always drop it there. If however you do make it a low priority stockpile then when they drop it will be in a stockpile and thus count toward the total. If the stockpile is low priority and there is a higher priority one anywhere a hauler will come take it away to the proper place.


Oh, I see what you mean. That’s… screwy. I mean it should work so long as they never drop anything else there which… could happen. Okay that should work for now.

I really think Rimworld devs needs to focus on some of the fundamentals though, like inventory management. There have been several games that did it better, including Gnomoria.


Hey, so I’m about to make a new batch of tutorial videos and I thought I’d ask if anyone has any specific requests

The video I’m working on currently is how to use transport pods. I’ve received a lot of questions about how to proceed if your caravan is too far from a road, so I figure pods is the way.

Anything else?


New update landed today that brings the game into Beta phase. Looks like quite a bit of content added.

Steam Link:

Youtube link by developer:


Hey @Jason_McMaster

Did you see enough differences in B18 to suggest dropping an in progress A17 game in order to play it?


Storyful combat

I absolutely love that in games. Even a rudimentory one, as in Warsim, enthralls me.


Sounds like he’s got the right priorities, like adding more challenges toward the endgame and giving you reasons to leave the comfort of your settlement and go out into the world.


It depends! There are a lot of changes in this update, but I’m not sure most of them are world-shattering. It depends on how attached you are, I’d say!

I think this update makes the game harder.

edit: I think the game is harder for one big reason - new mental states. Some of them basically remove a person from your group for good or for a long period. It has killed me at least once.


Terrific game but haven’t played in a few alpha iterations so I’m kinda just fumbling around.

Jason, how about a basic list of priorities immediately after landing? Just to get a decent foot-hold.