Rim World


Not that I have ever come even close to getting that far but isn’t the end game when you actually get to the space ship across the world or build one or… something?


Yeah, you can do that or go to the AI that offers to transport you(Charles Whitestone). I’ve only ever left the planet one time and that wasn’t on permadeath.


Was it worth getting to the end? I usually just play for days, then an update breaks my mods, or another game takes over and the… back to it I goo. I’ve never tried to really end it.


It’s not, really, worth it.


I tried the Tribal start, realized they couldn’t even make wood beds, and quit. So they’re really low tech, huh? i might return to them later but I need an easier return to the game after my long hiatus




One can feel really, really lonely in Rimworld.


From the image it looks like you told him he can do “Anything” “Inside The Walls”… and he’s taking you up on that!


Once you’ve tried muffalo


Oh, right! I always forget about the beastiality checkbox in the restrictions page.


For defense I leave an open way to get inside my walls that is lined with traps and opens up into an area with turrets and a place at the back for my peons to shoot from.

It works well for regular attacks. I only fear sappers. For them I have a team go outside to snipe the guy with the grenades. Once the grenade guy is down the rest go for the trapped entrance.


Also turrets can be packed up. So rather than leaving them in one place, build a bunch of turrets, pack them up and leave them in the central location. Then you can quickly deploy them wherever it looks like they’re going to breach the wall.


This is the basic configuration of my entrance trap.

O=open door
_=empty space


When I have the resources to do so I add a switchbacks to the scheme.


In my new game I’ve got a cave that leads into my settlement, so I just left that open and filled it with traps.

Thanks! I never realized you could move them.


How do you keep your pawns from hitting the traps. Every time I lay them down one of my idiot pawns either hits it or one of the animals do. Do you just arm them right before the raid because that seems challenging to do in a short period of time.


I just never give my people any reason to leave the settlement in that direction. For animals, you can just restrict them to certain zone.


That’s what the doors on either side are for. Peons use the doors since they provide a shorter path.

Often I put doors on the outer wall as well to provide access to reset traps without walking through the trapped corridor.


Has anyone tried a nudist colony?

I rolled a new game this morning and got two decently-skilled nudists, so I decided to randomize a third for the full complement. ;)

Guessing it will all be spoiled once a new intake arrives.


Also you can exclude the traps from your animal areas to keep them from wandering into them.


No one walks into traps if they can avoid them so checkerboard them and your colonists (and I think your animals) will walk diagonally and avoid them.

Raiders don’t because they don’t know they are there. Don’t know about friendly visitors…