Rim World


Well I usually limit my livestock not the dogs and wolves which are useful in combat and hauling. I had a mean pack of wargs once, and they could take down raiders pretty well.

It’s been a few months since I’ve played but they triggered the traps, so I stopped using them. and they were never in single way hallways or something like that.


I put a17 back on my machine so I could grab a screenshot of a well developed version of my entry trap. In addition to their use for resetting the traps the many doors along the inside wall also allow my peons to shoot from the doorway and then duck back inside if they are in danger.


I’m pretty sure I saw a caravan avoiding my traps yesterday.

But if I let my little wargies roam free, they might get hurt. I’m learning from this game that I’d probably be an overprotective parent.

When I place traps, I think about it the way you would plan out an ambush in real life. First decide where you’re going to start shooting at the enemy. Then look at that kill zone and find the places where the enemy will take cover and put traps there.


My colonists chose this name.


I guess muffalos and rhinoceros talk to each other.


I have a colony with an elephant named Terrifying


I wonder if he knows Wiggins.


I dunno, but I think they named my other elephant Defeat, which is weird. I keep reading them as TERRIFYING DEFEAT!


Maybe Wiggins tried to take them both to his bed and things didn’t quite work out as he expected.





This is what I call emergent gameplay.


She liked it so much she made a sculpture of herself making the first one.





I consider art one of the most important skills for the mid to late game. All my colonies become artist colonies after basic survival needs are covered. Quality art is key for getting good room bonuses and it makes for a good trade commodity.

Note that the beauty bonus for marble and other stone is not worth it compared to the extra time it takes. Wood is the way to go, and later silver if you can afford it. The faster you can produce pieces the more chances you have to get something high quality.

Keep in mind that you can deconstruct art to get back a portion of the resources. For anything below normal or good quality you might as well deconstruct rather than sell.


Fired this back up with the B18 release after not having played for a while. Learned an important lesson. Do not let infestations that spawn in “natural” caves go untreated. Thought it might be “fun” to see if I could use them to stop raids on that side of the map but in the end it was my doom. Probably should have just taken my silver, some food and started a new base somewhere else. In the end it was the bug apocalypse. Even my orbital death ray couildn’t stop them and they killed all my colonists and wrecked my base because one stupid chicken left the coop after a manhunter pack attack had them all riled up.

Also prepare carefully is a great mod. I can’t believe I played this game without it.


I sealed them off early on and they starved to death in my streamed game.


Any tips on dealing with blight? I have 5 growing areas, one of which is indoors (enclosed by walls of course). My indoor area got the blight and it’s since spread to the outdoor areas. I can’t seem to stop it. I tried deleting the zone and re-creating it but the blight came back. If I turn off sowing and plant cut everything will that get rid of it? I vaguely recall reading something about fire fixing it but it that’s true I need to learn how to burn my own crops and not the rest of my settlement.

Should I just delete the zones and make new ones somewhere else?

P.S., Did I mention that in addition to the blight I’m suffering from Toxic Fallout for 3+ days now? Good times!


How did you get them to not mine away at the walls? I thought about trying to seal them off but they seemed to be digging away at the cave walls. Do you know what they feed on? It makes sense that the hive got out of hand then, they must have “eaten” at least three raids and a couple of merchant caravans. LOL.


I’m not sure about the new blight mechanics, but to keep fire from spreading you need a three tile wide firebreak of non flammable flooring. Lay down some pavement (or whatever the name of the 1 steel floor is) and then take it back up when you are done.

Stone walls also stop fire but take longer to build and they waste stone since you don’t get all the stone back when you deconstruct.


I got a message that a single potato plant had the blight so I rushed a worker over and cut the plant down. Didn’t get anymore blight. I think if you can get to it quickly enough you can stop it.