Rim World


Yeah cut it down, quick like, maybe a few around it just to be sure.


Think I should keep a captured psychopathic surgeon/artist raider with massive health issue liabilities, including a Luciferium addiction, gunshot wounds, shattered ribs, a peg leg and a missing toe?

Playing Rich Explorer on Casandra difficulty. I could use another colonist, but something tells me I might want to pass on this one. I treated her before realizing what I might be getting into.



  • Just Say No to luciferium. It’s not worth it.
  • She’s definitely dangerous if she’s so obsessed with the drug that she changed her name to Jenniferium.
  • Do shattered ribs affect anything? Maybe breathing?


I feel like if someone gets shot in the neck, head, jaw, tors and foot and they still survive, they deserve to live. Sell her to a local pirate as quickly as possible before you run out of her drug. —they still buy the addicts right? they used to anyway–


Can’t you kick peons out of the colony in the latest version? Is there a mood penalty for doing so?

Maybe keep them around to do some work and vote them off the island later when you can’t keep their mood up. At least they aren’t a pyro or have good combat skills that can be used against you when they break down. Though since they can’t haul or clean or do much other than art or research unless you have an immediate need for those things probably best to give them a second peg leg and send them on their way.


Just say no to Luciferium addicts! Their problem, read death, will happen at the worst moment, and keeping that drug around is playing Russian Roulette with all your others.


I found a use for it, honestly. I had a worker with a brain injury that left him in bed 24 hours a day. I didn’t want to execute him or anything, and I was tired of having him in a cryo bed, so I gave him luciferium and he got right up and went back to work. Now, if he flips out, we’ll kill him, but that’s better than babysitting a breathing corpse in a survival situation.

Not a great thing, but at least it’s useful.


I ended up putting Jenniferiun down, because I only have the one colony member at the moment and probably wouldn’t be able to afford her care/rehabilitation.

Apparently it is possible to kick the Luciferium habit using a drug policy, so if I’d had more peons I might have gone that route just to see what the challenge was like. I was very curious.

Rich Explorer is hard!


This is not a knock on you @Nesrie, but I do find humor in you will stand for the pawn’s right to life, but also advocate the necessity to sell them into slavery.


Heh, I know what you mean. It’s part of the game. I mean I don’t really keep prisoners around for body parts either, but that Luciferium is bad mojo, especially with mental breaks and chemical interest around. One time I let the animals into the house because of a terrible winter… they ate all my drugs. I learned to control that better the next time around.

If my huskies wound up getting addicting to Luciferium I’d be so mad!


So I built a freezer trap for the infestation spawn because i almost lost a colonist when a spawn happened in the bedroom that was only partially carved into the hillside. I got the alert and rushed a colonist over to the 3 refrigeration units and flipped them on and waited for them to freeze to death. Everything seemed to be going just fine until the temp hit -16 fahrenheit. Then the bugs went crazy and destroyed the refrigeration units and got out into my base. An auto turret bought me enough time to finally hunt them all down but it was a close run thing.

I guess I’m going to just cheese it with a death maze and ied incendiaries plus chem fuel. At least until I get some meat shields in power armor. Otherwise once they swarm your shooters it’s game over when a pawn is swarmed by mega spiders.


Too late to move out of the mountain? That’s what I ended up doing on my current save.


My base is backed into some large hills and a beach. I was stupid to want an aesthetically pleasing smooth wall for my barracks area so I dug into the hill 4 or 5 tiles in some places. It seems it’s enough to spawn them in the bedrooms unless I have the deeper cave as a decoy. Bugs are really annoying but I don’t want to abandon the base as I have spent 2 years building it up. Hopefully I can manage the decoy spawns. I might just wall in all the dug out areas and build a new barracks.


To avoid bug spawns you only need to wall in tiles where the roof is “overhead mountain” (dark green in show roof mode).


I just had my favorite interaction with a random colonist ever. Early in my newest game, there was a crashed escape pod with a woman named Rissa in it. I tended her wounds, fed her, and let her sleep it off. She got out of bed too early, and, without a word, left my settlement entirely. One day later, I received a distress call from her now incapacitated in the wilderness. I loaded up a caravan, found her, fought off an ambush, and patched her back up. As soon as she could walk, she just strolled off the map without a word. Two days later, she crashed again in another escape pod, was healed up, and left without a word for a third time. Never seen this happen before or again.

I keep trying to come up with an explanation for how she managed to hitch a ride on a ship within a two day walk of my settlement, only to crash again. The game didn’t say that she’s a crazy space taxi serial killer, but I think she might be.


I had no idea these characters could reappear after leaving the local area map. I guess it makes sense, now that I think about it, since the factions that are initially generated are persistent.


I routinely give pirates the double peg leg treatment without any qualms, but I did feel really bad when an operation went wrong leading to a shattered spine which makes it impossible for them to walk and thus be released and I had to euthanize the captive.


I hope you at least pulled the organs first.


To answer my own question from above, there is a banishment option and it does have a small mood penalty. -3 for six days.

The banish button is on the character panel next to the rename button.