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You didn’t. The torso cut showed it failed. If it had been replaced it would have been listed in the health tab as “Right Shoulder Simple prosthetic arm”

Also, simple prosthetic limbs do not count as bionics so you don’t get the mood bonus. So be glad that the operation failed because the only thing you would have achieved would been lowering Kami’s manipulation stat.

As to surgery in general, you should save your glitterworld meds for surgery only and people who run the risk of dying from disease. Don’t use them to heal regular wounds. It’s a waste.


I know I’ve been playing this game too much because as soon as I heard my alarm clock this morning, my first thought was “That’s gonna be a mood penalty for interrupted sleep.”


Yeah Bionic is much better, more expensive and a longer research but Bionic’s are better than the original too. Prosthetic have a decrease in efficiency… I think all of them do.

The chest table can add beauty if you have a good quality but the downside is anyone can use and wake them up in the middle of the night while they’re sleeping to do that.


As apparently can leg lamps from Italy labeled ‘fra-gil-e’. I saw a documentary about it.


Hehe oops, chess.


Quick Q: Does bedroom size still matter so much? Looking at these screenies seems to suggest that whatever penalty comes from small size can be offset with nice furniture…? The penalty used to be fairly severe IIRC


it’s not as bad, but it still matters. Another thing of note - the more furniture you put in, the smaller the calculated size.


Ah, shoot. I couldn’t afford a bionic arm from a trader, and figured prosthophiles would still get the bonus from a regular prosthetic. I might just roll back to a save over this one.


I’m playing with the hospitality mod and it feels a little bit like cheating. It’s trivially easy to get all your visitors moods up, so while you incur a relationship hit when you steal a colonist, the rest of the party would leave happy and bring the faction relationship back up. However, if it weren’t for the hospitality mod I’d still be sitting at 3 settlers after about a game year.


Yes, size matters. Yes, small size can be offset by other factors. I could be wrong about this next bit, but I believe that each factor does not scale linearly. There are diminishing returns. So you have to have a lot more beauty or value to make up for a small size.

Not all furniture in a room decreases size. Chairs don’t count. I’m not sure about nightstands. Take a look at the size value before and after placing things to confirm.

I generally go with 5x5 rooms with large sculptures in each corner. Since chairs don’t take up room, throwing in some high quality chairs can be a good way to get that little bit extra you need to bump the room up to the next level of impressiveness.


Thanks! I just need someone more capable at carpentry since my furniture all comes out poor and shoddy


When constructing furniture try to make sure your colonist with the best construction skill does the building. The hauling material part doesn’t matter, the end result is entirely based on the skill of the one who does the build part.

Also when making furniture, to save time on hauling build it right next to your stockpile and then relocate it.


I had no idea that when starting in Rich Explorer mode, you get to look at and re-roll the “Left behind” characters as well! Individually! Doh. You can also change the order in which the “Left behind” colonists appear later.


Do the left behind colonists appear later? I thought those slots where there just to park characters that aren’t a definitive “yes, I’m taking this guy” but you might decide later to take. Like when you roll a good character with skills that you’ve already got covered by other team members.

If they do appear, the obsessive side of me is never going to get past the character screen. It’s hard enough finally deciding on who I want to start the game with, stopping myself from re-rolling until I get eight viable characters is going to be a whole new challenge.


Oh, you’re right. :) Via reddit:

They are there so if you roll a colonist that you like, you can put them in the left behind and still roll another to see if you get something better. Once the game starts, they don’t matter any more from what I understand.

It’d have been awesome if you could actually browse/tweak the colonists that appear later.


That would be cool, and I bet it wouldn’t be that hard for them to do it. They could pull from a pool for some of the events. Are they open to those kinds of suggestions?


I’m sure they are. They are very friendly. Maybe I’ll reach out to them about it.

Another realization: Although beds now are now on the research tree, they are (at least sometimes) pre-researched. I just restarted a Rich Explorer game, and already have beds unlocked. I suppose the feature was changed in mid-game for me on experimental/unstable, and so it became toggled to “not researched”, inadvertently and not by design.

Starting research tree today:


I was going to say my beds are always unlocked, but I never start with one person. If that starting research is random, I guess I never noticed.


I’m not sure what they’re doing with beds, but I don’t think the bed thing is actually tied to the Rich Explorer mode. I’m guessing that I’m just seeing evidence of them monkeying around with the unstable branch, and it’s producing unexpected results in my saves.

Ultimately, I’m guessing beds will be either unresearched at the start of all games regardless of mode, or something more nuanced (and hopefully better documented – not that I expect any sort of documentation in the unstable branch). I mean, if the ultimate goal is to have it immediately available to everyone at the start of every game, why put it in the research tree in the first place? Or maybe all items need to be represented in the tree regardless of research requirements and even when they come pre-researched. Shrug.


Latest protagonist in my Rich Explorer experiment: