Rim World


I’ve never done a rich explorer start, but isn’t construction the most important skill for it? You’ve got just as much to build and only one pawn to do it.


Along those lines one of the few mods I use is one that gives you a little info about refugees that want to join your colony before you choose. It doesn’t show skills but does give you their traits and passions. It’s “[KV] Refugee Stats - B18”. It’s helpful to be able to decide not to fight bunch or pirates in order to end up having a pyromaniac psychopath with bloodlust join your colony.


At one time they were but it has been a long time since I visited… You would have to go to the Ludeon forums. I think pre-queuing or influencing the rolls of visitors would be a popular request.


That’s usually what I start and the answer is yes and no. It’s a lot more important now than it was, but you really only need a 4 to make it. I make sure I have shooting, medicine and growing.


This is basically a near perfect starting character. Nudist doesn’t matter that much in a decent climate and Green Thumb is a fantastic skill. Note he’s 1 short of 8 in growing, but with green thumb and 100% learning factor, he’ll get that in no time.

You always, ALWAYS want to avoid people that can’t firefight or doctor.


Spacer starts begin with beds. Tribal starts begin with bedrolls.


I finally pulled the trigger on Rim World last night, and so far it’s amazing. It’s everything I wanted Dwarf Fortress to be, but not impenetrable!

I’ve made so many mistakes, and I expect my initial party will circle the drain soon.


It’s part of the beauty of the game. Unlike other games, I don’t feel I lose any thing starting anew, and one of my first lessons was… that starting party better have a few skills or it’s going to be tough. The 18 update gives you an overview of skills in the group… love it. Now if only I remember two of them should never be on the same person…


My biggest mistake/confusion was that all the newbie guides were written before they added construction skill minimums for things - I could not figure out why nobody in my party was putting together the solar panels.


My preference is having someone with a skill just under what you like with passion than a higher skill with no passion. For construction, there is a ton of basic stuff they can do to ramp that up pretty quickly, well they’ll be slow at first but get there!


Unexpected joys of Rim World: defeating a handful of raiding tribespeople by unleashing a horde of trained alpacas on them.


I think, just as importantly, you want to avoid anyone who can’t haul.


My main doctor got stabbed in the heart today and his fiance had to perform the emergency surgery. No pressure… nope, none.

stabbed in heart


that will teach him to move at 112% with scissors


Sculpture placed in a prison cell. Artist: Tristana. Prisoner: Satsuki (prisoner for a couple of weeks now).


The lyrebird is an obvious embellishment; haven’t seen a single lyrebird so far.

Most recent Triss creation:



The first one looks kinky.


Life wasn’t easy at Gunsmith Mountain. Maybe it was the alpaca blood covering the floors that did it. Maybe it was cowering in fear after being viciously rebuffed when trying to tame a wild emu. Perhaps it was lying awake at night listening to the rain, in pain from the sensory mechanites her and Bowman picked up just after crash landing. For whatever reason, Kit, de facto founder of the community here called Salvation (she had named them after all) found herself sharing cramped quarters with James and a tribesman barely clinging to life. All three were prisoners.

The tribesman had been gunned down, taking half a dozen heavy submachinegun rounds at point blank range. Against all odds the tribesman had lived; Salvation had used the last of their best medicine while he teetered within hours of death. Now he slept, unconscious; the road to recovery from massive blood loss would no doubt be a long one. Herbs would have to suffice along the way.

James was a fragile soul, suffering more than one psychotic break. The first time he had been wandering all afternoon out in the fields under the hot sun armed with a dangerous incendiary launcher. Bowman had gone to arrest him. He hadn’t come quietly. Bowman’s lover, Jogelli, had come within seconds of using his plasteel knife before Bowman put out James’ lights with the butt of her LMG. A few bruised bones were all the damage done that day and James wasn’t allowed near the incendiary launcher after that.

Kit may have been part of the cause this most recent time, but she couldn’t be sure. She should have been the one administering medicine to the tribesman. Instead she was shut away in her room, refusing to eat. James had joined her. Both of them were nearing starvation when the order finally came to arrest them. This time there was no struggle.

Now they were fed, and had no responsibilities other than to watch the sleeping tribesperson who had tried to murder them all cling to life, wondering when they would be allowed to rejoin society.


A few others ITT mentioned the music but I don’t think anyone has linked to it, yet? It’s good. Not just in a ‘I could listen to this while driving’ way but ‘this makes me see visions of a full scale sci-fi western Hollywood movie and I want to learn this on guitar’ kind of way:

"Moving On"

"Rough Trail"



I kind of noticed with 18 that everyone who is wounded doesn’t seem to get an infection anymore. I think that’s a real risk still but haven’t seen it yet.


My guy got a major head infection from a rat bite. I thought he was a goner but he pulled through with immunity.