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I had skipped a few versions, but I noticed know that when you click on a bed marked for medical use, it tells you what the infection chance is for patients treated in that room. It seems to be based on cleanliness and materials used (types of bed, type of floor, etc). Early on, the best I can do is get it down to 50% before research on hospital beds and such kicks in.



To everyone: More of this, please.


There was one early on that I could swear was a semi-rip from the old theme song to Law And Order.


Come to think of it “Moving On” reminds me an awful lot of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”.


There are several songs that are very, very reminiscent of other songs.

You are right, though, I ALWAYS think of that song.


You know.

In other news, Chris Isaak has some pretty good albums. I’m very fond of Forever Blue


I guess this might be a reason to put a floor on my barn. My people are doing better but the injured animals not so well… damn bear.


The Cthulhu pack works well.


I play w the Lovecraft Storyteller AI on Rough difficulty (2 less than max). I use some QOL mods that I will post, nothing changes the difficulty but now pawns will repair, haul on their way back, small stuff.

The first game I didn’t Prepare Carefully, and rolled randomly until I got a reasonable spread of skills in my initial three. I decided to be super Lovecraftian and picked a cool coastal swamp. It was the swamp that killed me - we didn’t last past the Summer.

The biggest issue was skill distribution. I only had one person with good cooking and construction - and they were the same person. All three pawns had food poisoning almost continually, and when the main guy was down he wasn’t cooking. Also, combat skills were poor and they almost always took damage from even melee raiders. That meant more downtime for healing, and when that one pawn was down nothing was getting cooked.

The lowlight was running out of all food, with the cook unconscious in the medical bed. The one pawn with a reasonable shooting skill went into the jail and executed the prisoner. He dragged the body back to the freezer and then played chess. I ordered the other starving pawn to eat the corpse - but they got lucky with a turkey wandering across the compound and ate that.

I managed to rebuild from there for a bit longer. The end finally came when a solo raider with a poor rifle fought the three wounded and food poisoned pawns at the same time as a rabid wolf attack. One pawn was standing by the end - the main cook. He tried to rescue the other two but they both bled out as he slowly dragged them to the medical beds.

After they died he went berserk and attacked the dog. The dog won.

The next game I Prepared Carefully and setup a Call of Cthulhu-ish starting trio of a sherif, an old librarian (“Lore Master”?) and a young chef. They have reasonable skills and I made sure there were backup skills. Instead of swampy cold New England they are starting in the coastal forests of the Pacific Northwest. Let’s see how long they survive!


The second colony in the cool forested “Spooky Oregon” coastline is up and running. They had a suitably Lovecraftian encounter, hidden so not as to spoil anything:

Its their first autumn, the colony still consists of the original 3 + 1: Sheriff, Chef and Librarian plus a tribal that wandered in. One night a dry lighting storm starts. The colony is made from wood and the forest is dense, so I set them out to extinguish the small fires before they spread. As the four are in the dark woods chasing down sparks, a thick and frightening fog rolls in.


In the fog are shadowy spirits. They moan but do not seem to attack. Before too long each colonist becomes afraid, then paranoid. I decided not to risk the mental health of the whole group, so I cancel the orders and they all run back to bed. The fire spreads through the forest, but is still far off from the colony. They are each “Paranoid” -10, and have a minor sanity issue.

In the dawn a small group of lost WWI solders wander through the mist. They shoot the Chef’s pet terrier. I need to manually assign her to keep her from running too close to the soldiers, she desperately wants to save her dog. The dog dies and she becomes depressed.

The soldiers attack. The deadfall traps injure them and they back off, but they walk along the wooden walls and start a fire. The colonists are forced to rush out and trade gunshots. One colonist, the Librarian, is injured by an antique rifle. One of the lost soldiers falls, bleeding, and that is enough to panic the others who run off. The Librarian is patched up, and a bed is hastily constructed for the injured soldier - who turns out to be a pessimistic young girl, now held prisoner in the woodshed.

A thick snow falls and extinguishes the forest fires, which have left a massive grey scar on the land. At the edge of the burned area is a monstrous shape with tentacles and teeth. It lurks at a distance, but I fear it will not stay away for long. I notice it sleeps at night, so once everyone is healed up then they will attack the beast after midnight.

The Psychology mod has proven a good addition to the Cthulhu pack:



I’m quite sure you’re just lucky. One of my hunters, a Glitterworld law enforcement officer, went to put down a pack of alpha beavers (with an LMG no less) and he was horribly mauled left bleeding on the ground before the cavalry arrived with an assault rifle and a charge rifle, and even they only managed to fend off the last few alpha beavers at melee range.

Dragged back to his bed, he developed an infection which gradually got worse until finally he developed an immunity, after going through my last few packs of medicine. Now I preposition a fire team to kill small packs of animals regardless how innocuous (that last time my cook got taken down by maddened terriers was purely an accident, I swear it!).


Yeah if those alpha beavers revenge as a pack it’s pretty tough, even for a whole group.

I haven’t tried the Cthulhu pack. I figure it’s kind of weird vanilla but it really adds something worthwhile?


I’m so on the fence for this game. I’m not sure if I love the stories here, or if I’d love the stories just as much in the game itself!


I personally do not play the game for stories. I like he gameplay and I do get attached to certain names and behaviors though. I am the same way with Crusader Kings. There are people that will craft these elaborate stories for that game too, but that’s not how I view it at all. I enjoy the mechanics, the planning, the oh shit everyone just came down with flu and now there is a raid going on, oh my god is that a tornado in my lentil field?


I just had my only doctor die from an infection due to an attack by a mad squirrel. Is there a way to dispose of bodies?


Dig a grave - later you can cremate them.


I am on day 5 of toxic fallout. Every wild animal is dead. There are bodies everywhere. I’ve survived the volcanic winter before but this is way worse. I had to expand my barn to allow for more animals. I keep trying to save some of the rarer creatures like Megasloths and Thrumbos but mostly i save them, they go back out and get extreme toxication again. I’ve strategically placed my animal resting spots in the born now to try and keep them in the barn with my hay in order to actually save them.

Caravans coming to me, well I keep hoping they don’t stay long. Most leave with only minor infections. No raids yet. I feel like I can just wait them out at this point if they don’t come with anything that explodes.

I in the middle of constructing my first greenhouse and tryiing to get geo thermal power up. But mostly, we work inside, crafting, art skills and research is way up. The place is spotless. Everyone is cleaning all the time because I’ve suspended growing. Our best fields are just too far away, and as far as I know. I don’t have a clean way to tell them hey everyone, don’t go beyond the road.

I’m not sure of proximity is in the calculation, but my heard of llamas and muffalo, well almost all the females are pregnant now. They have nothing to do in there but make a mess and mate all day. The barn just isn’t that big.


You can create zones for your colonists and animals, and then restrict them to those zones.


I did, animals are in the barn, but I am using the fertile fields. It’s just not worth the risk for them to get that sick sowing those dang fields right now. I will go for the nuetro petals though when they’re ready. We need those. Seeing dead animals everywhere is kind of sad though.


Yeah, it’s not very intuitive, but I’d recommend spending half an hour or so playing around with the zone setting stuff. It’s kind of messy and needs love, but once you figure it out it more or less does the job.

Somehow, in my more recent Rich Explorer save (same as above, one colonist with a good weapon, bonded animal and lot of cash) I’ve managed to survive my first winter and we’re now now at Jungust 15 with eight mostly thriving colonists. I was planning to limit the population to 6, but the extras somehow wiggled in anyway and at the time I needed the help.

We nearly didn’t make it through the winter, even though we tried to stock up on food. We stood up to half a dozen human raids and a couple of Mechanoid raids. The most important part of our defense, outside of just having a compound wall, have been the turrets, which I now know to be more valuable for how they draw attackers than they are for their artillery.

The Cthulhu pack sounds amazing.


I have a pyromaniac as my best researcher, by far. She had everyone spending an hour chasing her random fires in the fallout, worse case was up to 28% which is just a minor health issue. It will go down over time.

The zones are kind of messy. I still hate the inventory system with a passion. Wow you are way more organized than I ever am I build almost everything out of stone though too so I build as I go… very slow. The barn has some wood and so does my original huddle down and get through the night building.

Went from 1 to 8, that’s pretty impressive.


There hasn’t been a ton of drama in this save, but there is one weird thing. Triss, the artist mentioned above, appears to have propensity to get into random fights, but I don’t see why judging from her traits and from those of the people she’s fighting with. Three times now, she and her adversaries have ended up in medical beds, but she is only “Nervous” at worst. (Nervous increases the mental break threshold by 8%.)