Ring systems hacked

How do you think they’re doing it? Easy passwords? or something worse, like lax security protocols on the Ring side?

Password re-use most likely.

Fucking hilarious.

I dunno, yelling at a 7 year old and telling her to break her TV and tell her mom she’s a N-word doesn’t seem all that funny. Pranking adults is hilarious, little kids not so much.

Well, in that darkly amusing Black Mirror sort of way, where the friendly family security bot goes on a murder spree.

Yep, reused passwords. Looks like Ring doesn’t enforce rate limits either.

And really, any service offering remote viewing like this should force their users to use 2-factor authentication. Even SMS would be much better than nothing.

I was about to say the same thing, stusser. 2FA should be mandatory since users can’t be bothered to set up unique passwords.

That family is lucky the guy decided to talk to their kid. Imagine someone sitting there silently watching your child, for months. Creeeeepy.

Least surprising hacking development in a while. Ring are clearly so shitty (see police spying, etc).


I obviously feel bad for the kids, who have no say in this, but in the case of the adults it’s completely self-inflicted. I’ll never understand why people are paying to be surveilled.

@jpinard you should use Ring for the frog bop so we can cuss at your frogs.

I have a bunch of Wyze cams, but they’re pointed at my windows and front door only, never at humans. They trigger automatic videos when the windows or door are opened via contact sensors.

I get putting a camera on an infant or maybe even a toddler, but an 8 year old? That’s just creepy, they’re people at that age.

We have a ring doorbell. Even if I had any objections it wouldn’t matter as we got it after one time someone tried to break into our house while my wife was home alone by herself. If she could have answered the thieves knocking via her phone (since she wasn’t near the door at the time) she could have prevented it (the thieves didn’t want to rob a place that had someone in it, so they knocked with a BS excuse and assumed no one was home since my wife didn’t get to the door in time).

Doorbell is fine, there is no expectation of privacy outside. Obviously setup 2FA though.

In the Internet of Shit, you don’t need a reason.

It’s not really hacking if they are just picking up passwords from somewhere else.

The doorbell isn’t without it’s own privacy concerns.

For the same reason MP3s beat out CDs: convenience and mobility beat out quality and privacy.

People with absolutely shitty password security get hacked. News at 11.

Pretty much, but Ring should also have enforced vastly stricter rate limits.