RIP Alex Trebeck

Evening trivia is never going to be the same.

Wow Connery and Trebek, one after the other. Best friends for life, and now beyond.


Has anyone checked in on Burt Reynolds?

This was coming, but it still sucks. RIP, Alex.

Died in 2018

Aw, man. :(

An all-time-great game show host. In stark contrast to so many other hosts that really try to crank up their wackiness, he had a measured demeanor and a quiet humor. Really perfect for the show.

His consistent presence transformed him from merely a trivia contest host into a daily role model of poise, intelligence, and humanity in dark and troubling times. It is not exaggeration to say that he helped my family, and no doubt millions of others, to hold onto the better things in life during these dark days - particularly last March and April. For my family, his memory will be a blessing.

When was the last show he hosted? He looked pretty good the last one I saw, but not sure how much time there is between taping and airing.

This is sad, Trebek was a cool guy.

My friend was in a couple of teacher tournaments and never had anything but the highest praise for him. A true loss.

During regular times, shows are recorded about four to five months before broadcast. I don’t think there’s as much lead time right now.

This sucks. He fought like a MF. Fuck 2020 and Fuck cancer.

I grew up with Alex Trebeck almost every night of my childhood :(

Also one of the original MiBs

RIP Mr Trebeck.

RIP. I remember watching Jeopardy as a kid and being pleasantly surprised at finding a piece of pop culture where someone who was smart and knowledgeable was rewarded rather than being mocked or made out to be a villain (though this was pre-Trebeck.) Alex was a role model for many a young nerd.

He had a very calm voice, and it was always pleasant to listen to him.


I never watched Trebek himself - Jeopardy never aired in Brazil in its original form - and my only contact with his existence was through the many Jeopardy SNL sketches.

I posted one here but hadn’t watched to the end. Did so now and removed it because, well, it might be taken the wrong way.

But I understand he was well loved and what little I knew of him was always positive. So RIP.

Sad to see Alex go even though with the pancreatic cancer diagnosis, it was almost assumed it would be terminal. I haven’t read his memoir but apparently he wrote it very recently. I’m sure it’s a great read.

RIP, Alex. Be sure and have the big guy give you answers in the form of a question.

My wife and I love watching Jeopardy, and a lot of that was because Trebek was such a great host. And seemed like (and from all I hear, was) a great person. A true icon.

Never forget the time Trebek roasted everyone on this forum

RIP, legend

Guess 2020 ain’t done throwing stuff at us. RIP. In 1985 I binged Jeopardy while recovering from chicken pox, was a Trebek fan ever since. The X Files episode “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space!” and his Cheers cameo were great too.