RIP Amy Winehouse

…has achieved ambient temperature, per MSNBC.

Very sad. Brilliantly talented young woman who went down a path where this conclusion was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

(EDIT: MSNBC report is quoting SkyNews who report she was found in her London home.)

I’ll replace the Norwegian flag with an empty rum bottle on my facebook profile.

Damn shame. What a waste.

The first time I saw her perform, she looked approximately like this:

Not the mess she became later. :(

Wow, I just saw this news. Crazy and sad.

Whether drug-related or suicide, certainly a surprise to nobody, but a shame and a waste. She was a talented young lady.

to the black

She definitely ain’t goin’ to rehab now.

No no no.

Yikes, bad news. I loved loved loved her album. She was just incredibly talented and interesting.

Not that it’s a huge, enormous shock, but it’s terrible nonetheless. I was hoping for a killer follow-up. Not likely now.

Pete Doherty clearly doing something wrong.

Loved her music, but nobody has to be surprised here.

Thats a shame, she was uniquely talented.

I am. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Add another one to the 27 Club.

27 is the tipping point age for musicians who abuse drugs and drink, I think. At 27 you either drop dead, clean up, or ascend to Iggy Pop/Keith Richards indestructibility.

At a time where so many young people fought to stay alive, she choose to throw her life away. Such a shame.

RIP Adele

Not really. It’s a good object lesson in cause and effect. Possibly she could have had a career as another generic bar singer somewhere, but ODing is probably the best purpose her life could have served.

Heh, that’s an interesting way to look at it.

Sad, but I can’t say that I’m surprised.