RIP Andy Gill of Gang Of Four

This one sucks hard.

I mean, even if you weren’t a Gang Of Four fan (which, why aren’t you?!?), it’s hard to overstate his influence on guitar-based modern rock and postpunk. If you listen to Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, The Strokes…etc, etc, you’ve heard guitar playing that is essentially building off Andy Gill’s jagged, loud, razory guitar style.

He was 64. He’d had a few health issues, but man.

If there’s a pantheon of greatest debut singles ever, this one’s in it:

Ach, that’s terrible news. Truly influential, even if not that many actually heard their music.

I’m starting to dread coming on Qt3 in the morning.

Oh, no! So sad to hear this. I found his essence rare!