RIP: Andy Whitfield

Goddamn it, 39 years old. Great talent, & his performance really helped turn Spartacus around in season 1.

Oh man, terrible news. I was really expecting him to pull through. RIP.

Oh no. I had no idea he was that sick. Vaya con Dios, gladiator.

That’s awful. I didn’t realize he was so sick. I guess I assumed he had to leave Spartacus for treatment, but that it wasn’t so serious that he’d pass away. That’s very sad news.

Holy Fuck! No clue he was doing that poorly. I was still hoping he might be able to come back for a later season, at least as a guest star or something.

Very depressing news.

Awful news.

Holy shit, this totally sucks. Aww man. We knew he was in remission, but the extent was never made public and now… shit.

— Alan

I don’t think remission is what you want to use there. But yeah, it’s a damned shame.

Er yeah. Sorry. Wrong word.

— Alan

Awful news. I had no idea he had become that sick (though he was apparently a very private person so there was little media on him). My condolences to his family and friends as well as the cast and crew of the show. Andy made Spartacus bearable through the first few episodes until it found itself, and then made it shine from that point forward. He had true talent and will be missed.

It was fairly well-known that he was sick, hence the prequel season of Spartacus as they hoped he’d recover and then announcing he’d be replaced by the time the prequel season launched.


Well shit.

RIP :/

RIP Andy.

Both Spartacus’ battled against something, both died, both will be remembered.