RIP Anne Meara

Dead at 85.

Though Jerry Stiller is best known these days as father to Ben, as well as George Costanza, back in the day you couldn’t throw a cat at a television (if that’s your idea of a good time) without hitting the husband-and-shiksa comedy of Stiller & Meara. They must have been on Ed Sullivan’s show at least three times a week (not an easy task back then).

A very funny lady and talented writer. RIP

I remember seeing Stiller and Meara appearing on television everywhere when I was a youngster. I thought they were an hilarious team. RIP.

Wow, I loved their comedy routine together!

What a long marriage they had together - kudos to both of them.

Its funny everytime I would see Jerry Stiller in a show I would look around expecting to see his wife Anne.

I remember them from the HBO Sneak Preview shows back in the very early days of HBO.

She was a truly sweet lady. In the early 1980s my gf at the time and I saw her at a Turtle Bay restaurant. She had just been seated and we were star struck, so we went over to say hi. Even though she was with another lady she asked if we would like to join them at their table. We sensibly declined but always wondered what the evening would have been like.

RIP Anne.