Rip audio from a DVD?

I want to convert a comedy DVD I have into mp3 tracks. What’s a good, free audio ripper or extraction utility I can use on my Vista rig?


I still use the old “DVD Decrypter” program to do this. I use it’s ‘stream processing’ stuff, which allows ya to select chapters and tracks and whatnot. If the DVD has an older PCM audio stream, it’ll even save that directly to .WAV, which ya just encode into MP3. For non-PCM audio, there’s some other tools you can dig around for, but it’s not that hard to find 'em all.

Maybe there’s a newer program out there that does all this stuff… If there is, I dunno. I don’t do enough dvd audio ripping to really have bothered with searching for anything more recent.

I would use dvd decrypter to export the ac3 tracks from DVD.
I would then use headac3he to convert the ac3 tracks to mp3s.