RIP Brian Dennehy

I read over on TMZ that he has passed away. Sadness. I last recall seeing him on a few episodes of The Blacklist.

Anyone see it mentioned anywhere else?

Oh man, he was so great. I loved him in the F/X movies and Silverado especially.

Great in Rambo, too.

I was just coming to post this. Saw it on Deadline. I think its legit, sadly. RIP Brian.

I loved him since I saw him in The Belly of an Architect, he had such a presence, gravity in the movie. Also great in Gork Park.

He was great playing John Wayne Gacy in To Catch a Killer

Oh man I just ADORED him. Powerful first name too. RIP sir.

Yeah this one sucks. RIP Mr Dennehy

Of all the wonderful roles Dennehy played, they have to mention “Tommy Boy” in the headline? Pathetic.

That photo above makes him look like Hemingway. I like it.

He will be missed.

Really a great actor, thoroughly credible, often the best thing in any movie he was in. Gorky Park and Silverado are the roles I really remember, too. He had a way of presenting a low-key sense of menace that pops in every scene.

Strange coincidence but I just reread Gorky Park, and I couldn’t avoid picturing the Kirwill character as Dennehy, or hearing his voice.

I love the way he tells this story in Silverado. Damn, now I want to watch the movie again.

Hmm I have never seen Silverado , time to remedy that!

Such a great actor! Not sure if he’s underrated but one of those actors rarely mentioned when talking about the greats.

One of the great character actors.

Same! I own it too, so it should be easy to do.

Tommy Boy is one of the best comedies ever made, and Dennehy is great in it. I will continue my one man crusade to bring comedies more respect. They never get awards, they are considered lesser movies for some reason, but they’re not.

“Character actors. Who gives a fuck if we’re fat?”

I enjoyed watching Tommy Boy back when it was in the theater.

Tommy Boy is a work of fucking art.

Damn. One of those character actors who was just always there. I’d sometimes wonder ‘is he still alive?’ and then be comforted to find that he was, and that he was younger than I’d expected him to be.

I once saw him play the patriarch in O’Neill’s “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” in a production that included Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the cast. One to remember.

I have no beef with comedies: hell, look at most lists of Top 100 American movies, and you will find three of Mel Brooks’ works on there.

I have issue with Tommy Boy specifically. Chris Farley was one of the unfunniest of the unfunnies during a very low period in SNL history, and he didn’t get any better in movies. In short, he sucked. As did Tommy Boy.