RIP Buck Henry

Passed away from a heart attack at age 89.

Could’ve put this in TV too, because the guy’s comedic genius was pretty ubiquitous across all filmed media.


AKA Dick Lemon.

RIP good sir!

Along with one of TV’s greatest opening credits, a number of the show’s catchphrases would become pop-culture lore: “Missed it by that much,” “I think it’s only fair to warn you …,” “Sorry about that, Chief,” “I demand the Cone of Silence,” “… and loving it” — the list goes on.

And another great is gone. RIP

Gosh. Truly a great one. RIP

The man was a damn genius. We have lost a great man.

Heh, I wonder if that “weird shit other hosts turned down” comment refers to the Uncle Roy sketches.

Yep, it absolutely does.

Try describing the Uncle Roy sketch (which, as Henry pointed out a few years ago, were written by two women, Rosie Shuster and Anne Beatts) to someone who’s never seen them.

“Well, it’s this hilarious skit about a predatory pedophile putting the moves on his unwitting child nieces…”

Yeah, those would never see the light of day today.