RIP Carl Kasell

If you listened to NPR in the mornings any time from 1975 to the 2000s, you know Carl Kassel’s voice. He did the newscasts on Morning Edition for three decades. And of course he was the original Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me scorekeeper and prize (as in his voice on your answering machine…and later, voice mail). He was also a devoted Cardinals fan, but we won’t hold that against him.

Rest in peace, Carl. Or go back to work, no one better to announce the news of the afterlife!

Thanks for all your newscasting and entertainment, sir. RIP.

Thank you for letting us know. His voice was always the coolest prize on NPR.

I guess this is why the recently changed it from Carl Kasell’s voice, to anyone’s voice on the show.

Rest in Peace Sir.

The voice of untold home answering machine messages, indeed. A sad day.

How sad. It has been a horrible few days.

The Don Pardo of NPR.

Agreed! :(

He had such a voice that I can call it up and hear it in my head anytime I try.

He was missed when he retired (not that long ago) and he’s more missed now.

Jeez! Gunny, Harry Anderson and Carl Kassel all at the same time, more or less. And Barbara Bush too. Ugh.

You’ve already heard this if you listened to Wait Wait this week. If you don’t listen to the show (and why not?) then it’s worth a couple of minutes to check out.

Now I’m sad all over again.