RIP Charles Neville

Sad day indeed. Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers has passed away. He has played with virtually every big name in the blues scene and could make a saxophone sing. He was 79 so he lived a long life but it is always to early for a fine musician to pass away.

RIP. Probably the least known of the Nevilles - unlike Aaron, Art, or Cyril, he never really had a solo career. Like all the Nevilles he was a ubiquitous force in New Orleans music; he spent years gigging as a professional before the Neville Brothers officially became an act in the 70s.

He was the sax player for the band, with his most recognizable track probably being the title song of the Yellow Moon album.

Here’s something I didn’t know until today - despite being a member of the quintessential NOLA musical family, Charles lived in Massachusetts since the 90s.