RIP Dick Clark

Apparently passed to a heart attack. I figured he was going to outlive me the way he never seemed to age.

I miss the days of watching American Bandstand as a kid.

Wow. RIP indeed. :(

Dick Clark, apparently dead at apparently 45 years of age. It’s always a tragedy when they go so young.

Sad news. :(

RIP, the man got a lot done in his life.

Not me, I hated it because it meant Saturday morning cartoons were over.

Still sad news, he was certainly an icon if not a Highlander.


America’s losing it’s pop culture icons.

He lived a pretty amazing life. We should all be so lucky.

Thanks for the memories, Dick.


This was my memory exactly. As soon as he came on, the fun times were over. Unlike today when you can find a myriad of cartoons running 24x7 on specialized channels, other than 6:00AM during the week, Saturday morning was when broadcast TV stations fulfilled their government-mandated educational programming time: the Promised Land of animation.

I was reflecting on this recently, as it pertains to my own middle age. America is always losing its pop icons, as we constantly create new ones for each cohort. When I was child through to teenagedom, lots of “big” Hollywood stars passed away, people my grandparents and parents lamented the loss of due to their own connections to them. I didn’t really understand what it meant when Cary Grant, Jimmy Cagney, Fred Astaire, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, etc. died until years later: It was my elders’ connection to their own youth. It’s just starting to be our turn, is all.

Indeed, he was a big part of many peoples’ lives and looked great for so long in the end it became his trademark. RIP.

RIP America’s eternal teenager.

Balls will never drop in quite the same way again.

I was looking at the corpse-like zombie sitting next to Jack at the Laker’s game yesterday and thinking that Harry Dean Stanton was still alive?!? I mean, even when he was young he looked like a corpse. And here the eternally youthful Dick Clark is gone? Rest in Peace.

I honestly thought Dick Clark was older than 84. The man had a seriously full and successful career and by all accounts the same was true of his personal life as well. As was already said, we should all be so lucky. RIP Mr. Clark.

We can even reasonably believe that he was indeed 82. Back in 1991 Dick Clark was a witness in a case, and the prosecutor asked him under oath how old he was. He said he was 61:

Best prosecutor question evar?

If you read one piece on Dick Clark, make it this one:

The final three paragraphs, where Dick and his squarejohn audience on American Bandstand become cooler than kids at an underground club in Brooklyn in 2002 is some of the finest music writing I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

Great read. Thanks for the link. This quote truly nails it:

“But because he was never cool and never sold himself as an arbiter of cool, he could never become uncool.”

Very true, he was always the suited adult saying, “Hey, look how great these guys are!” instead of the Pauly Shore trying to be those guys.


I’ve been thinking about this, and while it’s true (and I don’t have the perspective to speak for the older generation), I think it’s going to accelerate in the next 20 years or so because there’s so many more famous people.

Back in the days of the studio system there were what, a few dozen movie stars? But we haven’t really had the post-television mass media generation start dying of old yet. Sure, there have been drug overdoses and medical issues, but those were one off, extraordinary events. I think in the near future, there’s going to be a household name dying every week or even every day.

That being said, there’s something really special about the actual mass market pioneers, and Dick Clark was certainly one of those. I’m too young to have watched American Bandstand, but I still knew him as a constant in a turbulent industry.

Without Dick Clark to ring in the new year the Aztecs were right.