RIP Donald "Duck" Dunn

…Duck was the bassist in Booker T. & The MG’s, one of the more remarkable music outfits of the rock and soul era. A fully-integrated band in the south during a time of incredible political upheaval over race (Dunn and guitarist Steve Cropper were white; keyboardist Booker T. Washington and drummer Al Jackson Jr were black), they were the house band for Stax/Volt from ‘61-68 or so, and are the guys playing on songs like “Knock On Wood”, “Soul Man”, "Hold On, I’m Comin’", and of course all of Otis Redding’s memorable hits (including “Dock Of The Bay”).

He and Cropper were still touring together, and Dunn apparently died in his sleep in Japan on a tour this past evening at the age of 70.

Forgot that he was also (I guess obviously) a member of the Blues Brothers, as well as being Neil Young’s go to bassist for the last 15 years or so.

You might have mentioned ‘known to many as part of the band in “Blues Brothers” that Jake and Elroy got back together again’ but, yes, more properly, an important musician during a tumultuous bygone era.

Can’t believe he was that old. RIP

Booker T., Al, Steve, and of course Duck just bringing it as the high-pressure system fueling the hurricane of Sam & Dave.

That whole show from Sweden, or something is just incredible.
Dunn was killing it.

A true legend.

He also played on countless albums as a guest bassist and toured with many artists in the same capacity. I saw him live with Clapton on a tour in the 80’s, for example, and he worked with him in the studio, too.

Yeah. He laid down the bass line on “Forever Man,” didn’t he?

Easily my favorite post-70s Clapton track.

Think so. That was definitely the time period he was playing with EC.

Yeah, see this link for the credits on Behind the Sun, the album on which Forever Man appeared. Duck was the bassist.

And the world is a little less cool today.

Norway, and yeah it’s quite a show.

Here’s “Green Onions” from that set, with the Mgs attacking it with ferocity and Duck owning the famous hook the whole way through.

Holy crap does he look young in that clip. RIP Duck.

In my top three Youtube music clips:

Duck and Al Jackson are the engine behind the Otis bulldozer: