RIP - Ed Koch

Former Congressman, New York mayor, and judge on The People’s Court, Ed Koch died this morning.


Other than the President, Koch was really the first politician I was aware of and followed. For better or worse, he was such a strong presence in NY during his term.

A great quote from him on his sexuality, he could be so entertaining sometimes:

What do I care? I’m 73 years old. I find it fascinating that people are interested in my sex life at age 73. It’s rather complimentary! But as I say in my book, my answer to questions on this subject is simply “Fuck off.” There have to be some private matters left

Same here. No one can deny that he was a huge cheerleader for New York. He really loved his city.

Ditto. He and Mario Cuomo were the first two politicians aside from the President that made an impression on me.

Alas. I could disagree with him on various topics without disliking him, and he did a lot of good for the city.

I pretty much only knew of him due to his appearances on SNL. RIP, Mayor.

Him, Frank Rizzo (former mayor of Philly) and Jimmy Carter were the first political people I ever became aware of in my youth. Even on TV, he had such a presence that my young self had to take notice.

My cousins out on Long Island used to call him Hizzonna Damayya, and like the folks up above, he was the first politician (other than the president) that made any kind of impression. RIP, Ed.

We don’t tawk like that.

is this guy anything to do with the ‘evil’ Koch family?

Or was he more Obi-wan rather than Darth?


I think they even pronounce their names differently (Kotch vs. Coke).

Sez you.

Geez youse guys.

He was the first politician that I liked. They are few and very far between since.