RIP Eli Wallach

This one hurts, even though it was fairly inevitable.

98 years old, was still acting as recently as a year or so ago, and was sharp as a tack 'til the end.

One of my favorite actors in just about anything.

When you have to shoot, shoot! Don’t talk.

I was like who, then , and now I am sad. RIP good sir.

I’ll miss you Tuco.

Aw, I love Eli Wallach. I guess I shouldn’t be sad, though. 98 years is a long life, indeed. RIP.

Sad news, but yeah, he lived to be 98 years old and act until a few years go. Loved the energy Wallach brought to the screen. I shall watch The Good, The Bad and The Ugly today.

Rest in piece, Tuco.

Awesome actor who has been in about a billion movies it seems. RIP Eli

Check out The Lineup (1958, directed by Don Siegel) for a great Wallach gangster performance.