RIP Frank Vincent

Gone at 78

You may not know the name but you know the face, as he had memorable parts as a gangster in everything from The Sopranos to several Scorcese films. Most notably he played Billy “Go home and get yer fuckin’ shine box” Batts in Goodfellas.

That Guy! RIP.

Didn’t know the name but as soon as I saw the face the memories kicked in. A whole bunch of classic movies on that list (Do The Right Thing and Pope of Greenwich Village in addition to Sopranos and Scorcese.)

And who would have thunk he was from western Mass and not the tri-state area?

As a former Berkshire resident, western Mass feels a lot closer to the tri-state area than it does to Boston. (In fact, until just three minutes ago, I always thought Massachusetts was one of the tri-states!) We got a lot of Albany type TV as I recall. Although, it was more the stomping grounds of wealthy Manhattanites than of goombahs.

He was also in Raging Bull. Haven’t seen many of his other roles. I used to confuse him with the late Dennis Farina. (That Farina was in Casino didn’t help matters.)

RIP Mr. Vincent. May you go to heaven and get your fucking’ shine box. Drinks are on… the house.