RIP Fry’s?

The one in Webster has a space/NASA theme, it’s very cool. I used to buy stuff from there often when I lived close by. Where I live now, it’s much more convenient to use Amazon/Newegg/etc.

Fry’s was a destination when I visited Seattle and their weekly flyer something to look forward to. Such a shame.

I quit going to the one in my area after way too many instances of purchasing returned items that were marked as new, or getting a returned item that either was completely broken or missing a critical component.

I only go nowadays if I need some electrical components for work and am in the area. But I’ve noticed it’s becoming more Best Buy-like, focusing much more on office supplies, entertainment, and appliances. They even replaced the register traffic director’s job with a TV.

Yeah, I hadn’t gone in a while, and I went to the Campbell one to get some electrical stuff (I needed to put plugs on the end of some speaker, ethernet, and coax cables) and the place was a ghost town. Half the shelves were empty. They didn’t have any of the stuff I wanted, so I went home and bought it all online (not at Fry’s). I don’t suspect I’ll ever go to a Fry’s again.

Not surprised to hear they’re on the brink. It’s a shame, I guess, but it’s been almost 20 years since I bought stuff there regularly. I can live without.

Fry’s felt weird in that their sales staff were on commission I believe and dressed up in suits like car salesmen.

You believe accurately.

Omg…I loved driving down 405 once a year to spend a few hours wandering around that huge store. Comp USA, TOYS R US, FRYS…sad panda

Fry’s is hard to get to in my locale. Outside the city, all the worst traffic. I guess if you live in the burbs it’s convenient.

Holy shit! I worked there when it opened too! What dept. did you work in?

I worked in the computers and computer accessories. Was only there for 6 months or so.

For most tech people why bother when places Newegg and Amazon /w Prime shipping exist.

So did I, for about the same amount of time.

You guys are probably related somehow too. (I’ve seen this happen LOL.)

You never know.

Newegg was sold years ago, and hasn’t been the same since. Amazon still has weird inventory issues. Fry’s was a pretty sure thing but like MicroCenter some of their stuff was not available online. Also having a reasonably price local store would’ve been great.

Fry’s has CRAZY inventory issues. They restock on shelves all the time, supposedly with a sticker (and discount) showing that it was restocked from a return. But they often don’t stick the sticker on and it’s clear that they don’t check their returns very well before sticking them back on shelf.

Unlike you, I’ve never had any issues from Amazon, after what is probably close to 1000 orders or more. I’ve had a fair amount of Fry’s issues off of a much smaller sample size (probably in the 100-200 range over the years).

I bought a refurb monitor on Amazon and it was missing a cable. Too lazy to dispute it though.

And I never had an issue with Fry’s, certainly not a counterfeit problem. I don’t think you’re the only one with Fry’s issue. It just wasn’t my experience, and mine was a 100% online.

My last 2 PC upgrades were from parts I ordered from Frys. I preferred to buy locally if I could because I could easily exchange a defective piece of hardware for another versus having to ship it back to Amazon. They also price matched which was nice. It will be a shame to see them go as my local store is very nice. It has a cool gold rush theme with an old steam locomotive bursting out of the wall above the main entrance.

I bought a server at Fry’s last year, so I did my part. Sad, though. At least we still have MicroCenter in the midwest! A pale comparison but it’s something.

First thing I ever bought there was Half Life, it came with a Half Life T Shirt.