This just sucks. I only really really discovered how much great original review and online content the current crew at GT was creating when their thoughtful and lengthy Witcher 3 review went up in May…and now they’re being shut down for good.

@GameTrailers 2h2 hours ago After 13 years, GameTrailers is closing down today. Thank you for your continued support over the years. It has been an adventure.

Holy crap, kind of hard to believe it was only 13 years actually - feels like I’ve been watching these guys since the 90s. All I know is these folks were doing full video reviews way before it was the norm. It’s like losing a piece of history.

Youtube killed them. I remember when they were one of a few destinations for game trailers.

Probably sadder by this news than any of the gaming media changes. Thought the site (which had been diminished the past couple of years) did a great job with its thoughtful reviews and consistent presentation.

Wow, shocking. Back when I was younger and had more free time I used to watch most of their reviews. They were always so professional and the narrator was great.

Thats what choosing the wrong GOTY does to you, those CDP Red fans are ruthless.

(this really sucks, I grew up on Brandon Jones´s voice)

Would be nice if they could band together somewhere else.

I am extremely saddened by their closure. For the last few years the GT staff have been favorites of mine. And despite cut back after cut back they’d always managed to continue producing great shows, including an epic week of E3 livestreams last year and the most entertaining tabletop DnD campaign on the net. I’m very anxious to find out what the crew will do next.

There are two people who I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to reviews with over the years. They are Adam Sessler and Brandon Jones. Now both are off the air and I am bummed. I must be one of the minority who don’t feel like chattube and Let’s Play takes the place of insightful reviews and production values. Now I will probably end up relying on “Mostly Positive” and “Mixed” more then I should for insight… and you guys…

The main memory I have from GameTrailers the last time I watched some of their content was of the long annoying animation sequences that introduced each section of a review like “Gameplay” or “Fun Factor” or whatever the sections were. The animations were supposed to be a lot of inside humor/references to videogaming and winking at the viewer and such but I found them tiresome and originating from another era of the internet. There were violating 101 of How to Create Web Videos. They just made it a slog to get through one of their videos.


And we thought we hit Peak Contrarian with Tim James yesterday…


But he wasn’t being contrarian…

Look who’s being the contrarian now!

They haven’t been like that for a long time. In fact they had just created a brand new graphics package for reviews that was only used in their very last video, the “fixed” Bloodborne review that retroactively gives it a 10/10.

Oh man, sad to hear about this. Haven’t really been checking them out much lately but used to some years back and their review videos were always well put together, entertaining and informative. Especially loved the few retrospective videos they did especially the Final Fantasy one which was really in-depth.

I used to enjoy their TV show on SpikeTV, largely because Geoff Keighley hosted it and I love that guy’s content from waaaaay back in the Gameslice days. Great in-depth long-form pieces.

Most of the former GT crew have just announced their new project: Easy Allies. They have a YouTube, Twitch and Patreon. They are doing a 12 hour livestream Monday from noon to midnight PST.