RIP Gavin Macleod

Apparently my family lived next door to his family just before I was born. True story! Or, at least, it’s true that I was told that story.

A wonderful character actor. Sad. RIP

This tweet got to me.

Dusty in here…

Wait, the guy that Jim Carrey called Cpt. Stubing was actually the guy that played the part? That’s hilarious. That joke went well over my head as a 15 year old.

Ted Knight died in 1986, at only 62 (fuck cancer). Mary Tyler Moore herself died just four years ago, aged 80. Valerie Harper two years ago, aged 80. Georgia Engel, two years ago, aged 70. Cloris Leachman just this year, aged 94. Ed Asner is 91 and Betty White is 99.

Oh she’s the lady from the Golden Girls! I can’t believe she’s still alive. I get really nostalgic about the Golden Girls for some reason. I was only 12 when the series ended so it must have been reruns i was watching, but i really loved it.

No, that wasn’t Gavin Macleod, just a guy in a sailor’s uniform who resembles him a bit.

He was awesome and frightening as a criminal named Big Chicken in two otherwise unrelated episodes of Hawaii Five-0 (the real one, not the one with the CGI killer drones and the scruffy guy with the dog).