RIP George Martin, the real Fifth Beatle

Ringo announced a bit ago that he’d passed.

90 years old. A pioneer.

Guess on percentage of population who will think this is for the Game of Thrones author…

— Alan

Jesus Christ, you almost gave me a heart attack.

Ah, hell.

But it’s a good age, 90. And he left a heck of a body of work. RIP.

Blow By Blow and Wired, Jeff Beck’s mid-70’s fusion albums that Martin produced, are just terrific.

ETA: NY Times obit.

He heard what others couldn’t. RIP

Anyone claiming that he was “just” the producer should read this.

Well that percentage is certainly non zero. Took about 3.5 seconds to process.

5th Beatle? More like ate the other 4 Beatles, amirite?

Wrong guy? Whoops, my bad.

Hey, he was the real George Martin. This other guy is just some Johnny-come-lately.

RIP. A groundbreakling producer when it came to the use of multitrack technology.

There goes a giant. RIP.

Brilliant man. RIP

George Martin got a credit for playing on 19.4% of all Beatle tracks.

And so of course, my buddy Dan made a Spotify playlist of them.

I had no idea George Martin played on that many songs. That was him on piano in Rocky Raccoon? I love that song!

I was in Liverpool a few months ago and did all the typical Beatles type stuff. I always knew of George Martin, but didn’t realize just how huge his impact was until taking all of that in for a couple days.

RIP to a real genius.

Glad I wasn’t the only one.