RIP Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfriend passed away today after a long bout with illness.

Huge loss, the guy was a power house that always entertained me.

Normally I roll my eyes at statements like ‘most iconic’ anything, but in this case? Yeah his voice really was pretty iconic.

Whoa whoa whoa… this has to be a troll by Gilbert. This is exactly the kind of thing he’d do.

Damn. Rip, Dracula Gottfried

He was really close to Bob Saget, too. Both of them gone in a matter of months

Here’s a photo that’ll hurt.

Norm in September.

Bob in January.

GIlbert today.

Jeff Ross is finding some bubble wrap ASAP.

That picture actually scared me for a sec for Ross, but then I realized I’d mixed him up internally with Greg Giraldo.

RIP, Gilbert. Thanks for all the angry parrot memories :(

I remember when I was in high school his “schtick” drove me crazy, but then I found him enchanting in Aladdin of course. Years later, for some reason hearing him speak in his normal voice form somewhere, I realized it was just a character and for some reason that unlocked in me the ability to really love what he was doing, his performance. The guy was a comedy genius.

That’s so sad :(
I wonder what long term illness he’d been dealing with?

I just watched the Problem Child movies recently

Very much the same experience here, over the years.

I feel compelled to share this (NSFW, just in case anyone might not realize that immediately):

I’m not sure that this will be anyone else’s experience, but the first thing I think of re:Gilbert Gottfried is how he would say “USA Up All Night” in the bumpers for the show of the same name. RIP

One of my favorite little bits of his was in the B movie Highway to Hell

I just saw this for the first time a few minutes ago, but wanted to share:

Goddamnit. I always liked Gottfried.

Yep, on USA Up All Night, that was my first introduction to him. RIP sir.

Fuck. In addition to everything else, I loved his podcast. A couple of my favorite moments (NSFW, naturally).

The may be the funniest 11 minutes ever.

A legendary moment

Old Groucho

I need to use “you fool!” as a notification sound on my phone.

He could definitely be an acquired taste but it’s obvious he put a great deal of thought and effort into his craft.