RIP Honor Blackman

My first erection!

I don’t remember her from the Avengers. But who could forget her from Goldfinger?

Not the Marvel movies. The real Avengers.

Yea, I knew you meant those Avengers. I assume she replaced the actress who played Emma Peele. Damn I was in love with her back in the day. :)

Sorry. I figured people would first think of the Marvel series. I think she actually pre-dated Diana Rigg (another crush of mine).

Getcher Diane Rigg out of the Honor Blackman thread! Just kidding.

Wow, she really aged well:

So long, Pussy Galore.

Yea, I couldn’t think of her name. I know she did leave the show before it ended and someone replaced her, a blonde I think, but I didn’t remember someone being before her.

My favourite Bond girl. RIP