Rip in laptop power supply wire?

…I noticed that the cord from my laptop as a rip in it, exposing the wires, I think because my office chair ran over it. Uh, is that a fire hazard? Should I put electrical tape over it? Get a replacement power supply?

Tape it up. You’ll look like the lawyer from the ghetto. Clients will love it! While you have the tape out, put a big hunk on the bridge of your shades. Girls dig a man who isn’t afraid to be unfashionable.

I’m just teasing. I think it’s less fire hazard than the possiblity you could spill water on the open wire and short it out. I’d get a new one, but that’s only becasue I hate people to think I’m a ghetto kind of guy.

If you mean, “Exposing the wires” and those wires are just the colored wires that are inside the sheath, you can just tape it up and you’ll be fine. If you mean you actually see metal wiring, you’ll want to replace it. It’s not worth the risk of losing your laptop or creating a potential fire to save a few bucks.


Yeah, it’s not the cord that connects from the transformer to the power outlet, it’s the other half that connects from the transformer to the computer – it looks like it was run over by an office chair, so there’s silver wiring actually exposed.

Seems like it’s not worth the risk and I should just replace it - it’s an older Dell Inspirion, so finding a part was an issue, but I just found one at this place: and placed an order.

Well luckily the Dell repair/parts market is big enough that you could get this from a third party. Cause if you go through Dell you’re going to have to mortgage your Ferarri.

It cost me about $70 for the parts and shipping, which is probably about as much as this laptop is worth, heh. Actually it’s got a 1600x1200 UXGA screen, so that ought to be worth a few bucks, but every other component in it is pretty ancient.

You can get tape that will not come off, so if it’s just a matter of split plastic sheathing, there’s no reason to buy a new one unless it looks like the metal wire itself might be damaged. It could only be a hazard if you don’t tape it cleanly or don’t use electrical tape.

$70 for a freaking cable? Wow. I’m so cheap, I couldn’t bring myself to pay the $20 for a pre-built wiring harness for my car stereo. Instead, I stripped the plastic wire sheaths with my teeth, twisted the bare wires together with my fingers, and secured them with electrical tape. Had it all done in 15 minutes.

Electrical tape rulez.

Ah, a fellow network administrator.


I use to do stereos like that. I now use Scotchlocks, which is a piece of plastic that you lay the two wires in, and push together, and it cuts into both wires and completes the circuit. Then it locks together and you don’t have to worry about your tape or twist getting undone, and you can even keep the old wire harness connected without cutting it off.