RIP Izzy Young



If you grew up in New York in the 60’s and had any interest in folk, ethnic, or what later became known as world music, you knew the Folklore Center. And if you knew the Folklore Center, you knew the Grand Poobah, father of the Great Folk Scare of 1959-1963, Izzy Young. And now he’s gone.

If nothing else he should be remembered for this:

"Though the concert is now considered a landmark, Mr. Young, who charged $2 a ticket, lost money.

“There were only 53 people there,” he told an interviewer in 2004. “Now 3,000 people remember it well.”"



So Dylan’s first appearance in NY was at Carnegie Hall? I find that hard to believe. I thought he played coffee houses in Greenwich Village.


Hype? Plus I suppose back then it wasn’t a “concert” unless you were someplace like Carnegie Hall.