RIP Jack Vance

I don’t have any specific response to that, but so often when you put that much into writing something and nobody responds, you wonder if they even read it - just wanted to say I appreciate the effort you took on that post.

I suppose “attaboy!” would have been more succinct. :-)

Hehe, thanks. The spirit moved me. The thought of no more Vance books ever is a bit sad.

Fortunately, his bibliography was so extensive, you could track down his books for years and constantly find “new” ones. Even one of the Vance Integral Edition sets would keep you busy for a long time. And then there are his mysteries, his non-fiction…

I find that I’m having this “problem” with the also-missed Iain M. Banks as well.

Given his influence, I had figured this guy a contemporary of Howard and Lovecraft.

Who knows, he might have been one of Lovecraft’s countless correspondents when he was a kid.

I think he was mainly influenced by older generations of fantasy writers - IIRC, Lord Dunsanay, and particularly James Branch Cabell.

Yeah, there was a certain sense of irony and playfulness that Vance had that reminds me of Cabell.

Also sly sexual humor.

attaboy to you, too, sir!

Really Big Scepters?

Vancian Cabellthat could just as easily be Cabellian Vance:-

The insect looked at Jurgen, and its pincers rose erect in horror. The bug cried to the three judges, — Now, by St. Anthony! this Jurgen must forthwith be relegated to limbo, for he is offensive and lewd and lascivious and indecent.…
— And how can that be?… says Jurgen.
— You are offensive,… the bug replied, — because this page has a sword which I chose to say is not a sword. You are lewd because that page has a lance which I prefer to think is not a lance. You are lascivious because yonder page has a staff which I elect to declare is not a staff. And finally, you are indecent for reasons of which a description would be objectionable to me, and which therefore I must decline to reveal to anybody.…