RIP James Gandolfini

Not much on details yet, other than it was sudden and happened in Italy.

TMZ saying a heart attack at age 51.

Very Tony Soprano-like.

Damn. He was so good.

I just know another Sopranos watchathon is on the menu now.

Wow, quite a bit of a shocker. Loved that he was doing bit roles which he seemed to excel in (like Zero Dark Thirty).

— Alan

His passing confirmed by HBO and Variety.

He had a baby girl back in October. So sad.

  1. Shit.

Yeah, who would have thought being 51 and about 300 pounds might end in a heart attack?

Yeah, fuck you.

I’m 45 and 150 and it could happen to me tomorrow. I’d rather it happen to you.

Man, this is terribly sad news.

Tony Soprano always was a wheezy bastard but this is still quite a shock.

You really are a dick.

Oh, come on. He wasn’t a person, he was a celebrity. It’s not like he had a family who loved and cared for him or anything.

Such a damn shame. I didn’t realize he was so young or had a daughter so young. RIP.

Sorry to hear it - 51 seems too young to die. At least he got in his defining role. Rest in peace.

I’m sure the excess weight didn’t help. But he was, I believe, also a smoker. Who knows what his diet and family history were like, and I’m sure the life of a high-powered actor isn’t exactly stress-free.

This one really makes me sad and angry. He has so much more to contribute.

no not gandalf! wtf I loved him in lotr

An excellent actor. And yes, he seemed more visibly “at risk” than most for a heart attack, but 51 is crazy young, and what do we know anyway. This makes me very very sad.

Fuck death. I’m tired of it.

What I remember more than Tony Soprano are those HBO documentaries he produced about soldiers trying to recover from horrific wounds in Iraq and Afghanistan. Alive Day. Your typical celebrity does a safe USO show, if they want to show they care. Gandolfini did those, but he also cared about the guys we don’t like to think about. Guys that you don’t even want to look at because their bodies are mangled and parts missing. Gandolfini literally embraced them at the end, and you could hear the tears from all of them, Gandolfini included.

He will always be Bear to me. RIP.

I remember being shocked at how bad he looked in last year’s “Killing Them Softly.” Very sad news, he was one of my favorites.

Yeah, I’m about to turn 47. I REALLY need to get my ass back on a treadmill.

RIP James. He always struck me as a class act.

Good one. Hilarious.