RIP James Lipton

This guy’s odd mixture of pretension and obsequiousness was quite the running joke in the '90s. I say that with affection.

Whoops, I seem to have only embedded clips of Will Ferrell pretending to be James Lipton. Funny, that.

The man could interview. RIP.


RIP! I saw him spoofed far more often than I saw the real thing.

I simply loved his Arrested Development character, Warden Gentles.

WARDEN GENTLES (IN A LOVING VOICE): She gave me chlamydia.

If God exists, I wonder what He said when James Lipton arrived at the pearly gates.

He said: “If that’s how you treat Burt Reynolds, I hate to see what you’re gonna do when you meet Jesus.”

I had no idea he was that old. RIP

I’d say that’s a great tribute to him and to what might be his most memorable phrase. Well done.

I watched the show back in the late 90s/early 2000s. I had no idea it was still going. From the episode list, it looks like January 2018 was the last James Lipton hosted episode, and the season after that had rotating hosts, with each episode hosted by someone different.

Lipton was a really good interviewer, I enjoyed the show.

James Lipton was literally a pimp at one point.