RIP Jan Berenstain

I dunno about you guys, but I LOVED the Barenstain Bears as a kid, had tons of the books, and they really helped me get through a very rough childhood. Sadly, the co-creator of the series, Jan Berenstain, passed away.

Thankfully the books will continue through her sons.

I didn’t also know that not only they were still being made, but were addressing modern issues like online safety and childhood obesity. What a legacy.

Yeah, those books and the cartoons are great, My favorite is the one when they go on vacation to the cabin and it turns out to be a a great time for the family.

I think I vaguely remember that one. It’s been so long. Was there one about a bicycle being stolen, then returned?

Wow, a big part of my childhood. RIP

Devoured those books as a kid, and they are now my (4 year old) daughters favorite books.

My favorite are the sly rhyming ones of the 60’s and 70’s where Papa Bear shows Small Bear what…not… to do.
Oh - and the rhyming one where they go through the haunted tree. Spoookkyyy!

My kids loved the Berenstien Bears books. I have probably read 30 of those books. I hope they made some good money from those.

Man, I read those over and over and over as a small child. I think only the Frog and Toad books were more favoriter in my house.

The more recent ones have gotten much more hardcore Christian, though – Bible quotes and such. Not toooo objectionable to our family, but I’m sure it’s off-putting to many. (And on-getting to a relatively smaller number.) Anyway, overall, yes, the Berenstains have always given pretty solid advice.

Think I still have a dozen or so of the novel-sized ones; The Bear Scouts ones. Loved the series and the ones from way back, before the hardcore Christian ones.

My favourite as the spooky old tree. I was just talking to a friend of mine over the weekend about the books and then read this and was like whoah.

RIP Mama Berenstain

Bears in the Night. About the time my first daughter was born, we went over to my parents’ house and found a cache of Bearenstein Bears and Dr. Seuss books from my childhood. Both my daughters grew up reading the same copies of these books as I did.

We have kept our copies of those same two authors books for whichever kid has grandchildren first. I hope they are in my garage for several more years. :)

Target has Dr. Suess books on sale this week, FYI.

Never read the stories but for the longest time i thought they were jewish bears…The Bernstien Bears. I thought it was the coolest thing that there was a jewish bear franchise.