RIP Jani Lane

I still kind of like Cherry Pie, and the bridge to Down Boys is awesome.

Hated that song, but I always liked him after seeing this interview.

He took that back later and said his point was just that he didn’t want to ONLY be known for that one song. He wasn’t saying he hated the song itself or anything. I think it’s good cheeze, but I’m not really a Warrant fan. I don’t have anything against Hair Metal, though.

The hair metal era overlapped my teen years, so while Warrant wasn’t a favorite of mine, I had their first two albums and liked a few songs like Big Talk and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Feels weird to see he’s passed away at a relatively young age.

Ancient for hair metal, though.

Always found him to be a pretty likable guy who seemed in on the joke that was hair metal. I know he had some serious weight issues for a time.