RIP - John Heard

Heaven Help Us, The Sopranos, Home Alone, and, my favorite, After Hours. “Marcy, Marcy, Marcy, MARCY!”

The man really knew how to open a cash register…

Love this quote from the AV Club asking about his role in The Lizzie Borden Chronicles:

AVC: Did you do research to find out who this guy was, or did they just present you with the information?

JH: Nah, I’m too lazy for all that. [Laughs.] I just read the script, try to memorize the lines, and try to stand up straight.

Instantly recognized him in the news reports from Home Alone but reading his credits I realized I had seen and enjoyed hos work in so much more. RIP.

When I first read this I thought “Oh no, not Kane from Alien!” and then I looked it up and that was John Hurt, but then I looked up John Hurt and saw that he also died earlier this year. :/

Been doing a rewatch of the Sopranos and just saw the Heard-off-the-bridge episode a couple days ago. Sad news, RIP John.