RIP John Saxon

83 years young. So many great exploitation and television roles. I think he appeared on every genre TV show in the 70s at least once.

Not really much of an actor, honestly, but he knew how to make the most of his meager talents.

He went to the same high school as my dad in Brooklyn. He was a year behind I believe. My father was always happy to see him in something I suppose because of the small connection.

Growing up watching a lot of TV in the 70s, I recall he appeared in everything.

He was a student of Bruce Lee and was in Enter the Dragon. I remember being surprised to see him in that movie.

Ohhh, that’s how I know this name. Roper!

RIP. Never saw him in anything other than ETD.

Holy crap, dude was everywhere. Lots of TV, but what about Nightmare on Elm Street? Battle Beyond the Stars? For a while (and sure, this was a long time ago) seemed like he was in everything I watched.

I remember him as THAT GUY who nearly always played a cop… or bad guy? He was the law or law breaker, can’t remember him otherwise!


I also remember him being in Planet Earth by Gene Roddenberry.

I am sad this is how we got to met you @Snigdha, but welcome.

For many years now, Jack Lord has appeared to me to give cool, manly guidance in the continuing struggle against the squares. Last night, for the first time, John Saxon was with him.

They spoke to me of dark events to come, cataclysms and incursions by vile forces. They accepted my pledge to use my cool stereo and my special genetic gift to their utmost to promote what is right and disrupt what is not.

Will all of you pledge to do the same?

Let me know when Robert Conrad and James Garner turn up and I’m your huckleberry.

Bob Newhart appeared to me as a Jedi.

OK, what’s happening here?

I told John about it last night. He gave a look of dark, manly amusement.

Thank you! I remembered him as the lead in some failed sf thing at one point and was wracking my brain trying to remember its title.