RIP Kazuhisa Hashimoto

I’d normally say press F to pay respects, but perhaps we should rather go up, up, down, down…

Sad. While he’s known for the Konami Code, he obviously did so much more. His Moby Games entry seems rather incomplete…

I’d love to know a better history of his work, but I can’t find one.

He was a simple programmer, from what I gathered, who became a suits after 10 years in the company.
He was mostly credited as producer on a variety of 90s titles, which doesn’t mean much.
Looking at how little source there are about his death (a single Konami US tweet, and a comment from a composer who is saying himself they just met a few times when he was working there, and confesses being very surprised by how much retweeted he got), I’d frankly be cautious to know whether he is dead or not — it wouldn’t be the first time somebody in the US announces a Japanese resident’s death simply based on an identity confusion over a shared name. All the Japanese sources list the Konami tweets and various foreign articles as sources, all reading the exact same headliner.

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