RIP Little Richard

Haven’t we all wanted to be Little Richard at some point?

Just coming here to post this. The news made me want to scream like a white woman.

RIP to the legend. Impossible I think to overstate his importance and influence on modern music.

So who does that leave from the first generation of rock? Other than the Killer I can’t think of anyone still with us.


:( :( :(


Good golly, a true legend has gone. RIP.

That leaves Don Everly and Jerry Lee Lewis as the only living original inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. RIP

Oh! Don Everly. Great catch. Yep, definitely still alive and kicking.

Yeah, I never even thought of Everly.

A giant. RIP.

If I had to pick one rock record to stand for the whole genre it might be his “Long Tall Sally.”

Little Richard (and his live band, the Upsetters, who are a story unto themselves) took New Orleans Rhythm and Blues and remade it into Rock and Roll. So did others; but whereas, say, Fats Domino kept the Easy from the Big Easy, Little Richard burned with a white hot intensity that was new.

He was immensely influential on contemporaries like James Brown and immediate followers like the Beatles (Paul McCartney had a major Little Richard obsession, as songs like “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Oh Darling” show.) But his influence did not stop there: it was felt through the years. His sartorial audacity became the standard for rock-and-rollers from Mick Jagger to Dr. John to Lady Gaga; his disregard for gender norms broke barriers for the glam rockers; and the punks and the lo-fi bands latched onto the white hot intensity of songs like “Keep a Knocking,” “Ooh My Soul” and “Rip It Up”:

My favorite Little Richard song, though, is maybe his least typical, a magnificent soul ballad written by Don Covay: “I Don’t Know What You Got, But It’s Got Me.” So did you, Richard, and you got all of us. RIP.

Only because I have to…

I read about this over the weekend but never actually saw it. Awesome!