RIP Louie Anderson

I am beginning to dislike 2022.

Aw man. I’ve been a fan of Louie’s since seeing his standup in the 80s. I even watched the cartoon of his childhood. He was just hilarious, I’ll really miss him.

Aw man, along with Al Franken and Dudley Riggs and others, Louie really put Minnesota comedy on the map as a place where funny can sprout from the well-fertilized soil of dysfunctional family. RIP.

Sad news, fuck cancer, I always liked his style of comedy.

Loved his cartoon show back in the day.

Aaww man I loved Louie.

His performance in Baskets is just stellar. One of my favorite shows in the last decade. Worth watching if you are a fan. His baby boomer mom mannerisms, accent, and charm were all unbelievably on point.

Anyway, big loss.

I am very sad. We watch Life with Louie every Christmas season (most of the episodes that we can find on YouTube). I hope someone will make the show available again.

This is a wonderful real life humorous story and worth a watch if you have never seen it (it is heartwarming as Louie chokes up a bit at the end remembering his brothers):

An observation that internet D&D guy had:

I feel like the rubber chicken tie, needs to make a comeback.

Nice find. I love that channel.

Watched it for the Louie comedy flashback, and it made me miss seeing Craig just as much. Man if we only new how lucky we were back then to have such great late night comedy. Craig still doing stuff, but I haven’t seen any of it.

I didn’t get to see any of Craig while he was doing his late night show so that channel is a treasure trove. I’ve spent hours watching it. My favorite is when Craig grills random audience members at the beginning of the show.

Well, not only that, bit the total number of famous people has increased. Back when there were only like, a handful of movie studios and 4 networks, there were only so many people capable of becoming famous enough that their deaths were notable. We’ve been steadily increasing the number of people in the public eye, and they’re starting to get old enough to die. So both demographically and due to the expanding media landscape, it’s going to feel like it’s accelerating.

Imagine when like, the generation of modern tabloid stars or when the first generation of “internet celebrity” start dying.

Indeed, his level of audience interaction is unmatched.

I’m a fan of Louie’s stand up comedy. My wife and I quote from his routines pretty frequently