RIP Mike Wieringo

Comic book artist Mike Wieringo died today of a sudden heart attack.

What a shame. His art was always his own, rather than trying to conform to the “house style” of the publisher.

Yikes, he looks super fit here too.

Peter David described him as a 44 year old vegetarian in excellent shape whose heart just gave out on him.

What does that say for the rest of us?

Eat meat?


He’s buff for a vegen.

So what kind of things could cause a massive heart attack in a fit, clean, vegen, healthy person?

Here’s my short list of possabilities.

  • Heart defect that had previously gone undetected.
  • Hypercholesteral

I read on the comic forums on hype! that he was a health nut but would never go to the doctors. Supposively he had back and chest pains for years and just wrote it off to long hours at the drawing board.

I should add that my “eat meat” sentiment is not intended to be crass or disrespectful towards the tragedy of the early death of a good man and a great artist.

I… I think I have something in my eye.

I’m working on comic book things these days, and the sadness for him is everywhere in the industry. Clearly a beloved guy.

Could Kurtz have worked another one or two references to his enormous ass into that editorial? I don’t think he mentioned how fat he is enough times in an essay that is ostensibly about someone else.

That must be what was in Rimbo’s eye.

Sad, and sadder still that the industry lost him. I was quite into comics when I was younger, and I have very vivid memories of his work on the first Waid Flash run.

Its a beautiful thing when you can take someone else’s death and make it all about you.

If after my death someone wrote something like that about me, about how I made that person feel like he was special and that his foibles weren’t so important, I think I would consider my life a success.

he looks bloaty…Bad coke maybe?

Hmm. I wonder if he had some sort of undiagnosed condition or if he was taking any strange drugs. It always sorta scares me when I read about somewhat-healthy people just suddenly keeling over dead at relatively young ages. I mean, I haven’t exactly led the most healthy life here…

People that look healthy are not always healthy. If he never saw a doctor, he probably did have some kind of heart condition. Always see your doctor if you feel strange, or have pain that feels internal and not directly related to some minor physical trauma. Normal, healthy people of his age do NOT drop dead. He was in retrospect obviously unhealthy.

Same here. I thought Scotts write up was just fine.