RIP Paul Steed

This is a real bummer :( I worked with Paul for several years and kept meaning to sit down with him again at a GDC sometime. RIP Paul.

Damn. Too young.

What a tragedy, he was a young man.

That sucks. Hope the best for his family.

RIP. :(
Did he have a health condition?

Controversial but never boring. RIP

One of my favorite .plan files when I was a kid.

There goes a lot of talent. Rest in peace, Paul.

A man with an unapologetic love of the female form, a man after my own heart. His book on low-poly character modelling remains the best out there after many years. RIP Paul.

Sad news. Sure, we used to crack jokes about him, but his modeling work had quite an impact, and he leaves quite a legacy for someone so (relatively) young.

His loonygames tutorials were based on Playboy Playmates if I recall.