RIP: Peter Mayhew (aka Chewbacca)

Just heard. Statement from his family:

I didn’t know he had been living in Texas.

Like all heroes.

RIP Chewie. You gave us joy.

Sad. RIP big guy.

Heroes always end up where they are needed most.


Oh wow, I didn’t realize that he didn’t play Chewbacca in the Last Jedi.

Well this certainly puts a damper on Life Day.

He sounds like he was a really great person. RIP

A good life, a good death (I suppose?), a good legacy. That’s all we can strive for, and he made it.

He gave so much character and personality to Chewie that you never thought once it was a guy in a furry costume.


:((( RIP

For some reason I thought he had passed years ago. RIP, you big, stinky carpet.