RIP Peter Steele (Type O Negative)

There goes another one. Sigh. Heart failure apparently.
Is it just me or are the musicians dropping like flies recently.

This is pretty shocking. I saw them only a few years ago at the Roseland, and he looked to still be in pretty good shape.

What a shame. May he RIP.

Gonna crank some Type O today. This sucks.

At a concert he once told an acquaintance of mine that she could “sit on (his) lap and tell (him) what you want for Halloween.”

He’ll be missed.

Blah! I guess I listen to Slow, Deep, and Hard tonight.

Another cool artist gone :(

God damnit.

He was 48?? That ain’t cool. Not one bit.

The dude lived pretty damn hard, from what I’ve heard. He did some time in prison in 2005, followed by some time in a mental institution due to what he characterized as drug-induced psychosis from doing shitloads of cocaine.

Long-term cocaine use is quite damaging. He’d have been better off with heroin… but likely the music would have suffered.

He’ll be missed.

What I liked most about Peter Steel is that his fans never realized that he was laughing at them and that his music was basically a huge joke at their earnestness’ expense.