RIP Ray Stevenson

Damn. Just 58.

Wow…that sucks. He was fantastic in Rome.

Only 58. Fuck.

Damn! RIP

He had a fantastic turn in a season of Black Sails in a role perfect for him. Also, his “Pullo” in the first season of Rome was outstanding.


I don’t know this guy but damn, going at 58 is just cruel. Sorry to hear this.

Ray Stevenson was pretty great in just about everything I saw him in. The movies or shows themselves may not have been stellar all the time, but he always seemed to put his best into the parts.

From Rome to RRR, he’s been a real acting workhorse. Plus, his part in Ahsoka is still coming up!

He was a great Porthos in the best Musketeers movie ever. Among many other memorable roles.

Loved him as Pullo in Rome. He popped up in a lot of movies where I didn’t realize it was him until afterwards.


Far too soon to go… RIP good sir.

Oh man, he was great in everything I saw him on. Too damn young. RIP.

Damn, that really sucks. Had some really memorable roles.

Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus « IMPERIUM ROMANUM

What character was he in RRR? I looked it up on IMDB but the name did nothing to refresh my memory.

He was the evil Governor.


I honestly can’t think of anything I’ve seen him in that he didn’t make better. RIP, much too young.

On Juno’s cunt!

58 he was just a kid.

Black Sails is where I’ll always remember him from.

I loved him in Rome too. I’m not familiar with the rest of his work though.

RIP. Pullo was the heart and soul of Rome!