RIP Robin Williams

Reports coming in that he’s dead of suicide in a Marin home.

Edited to add: Confirmed by his publicist

I don’t…what the…but he’s not that…what…

Ah, shit no.

SADFACE!!! Poor guy.

Insane. This really sucks. RIP.

Marin County Sheriffs just released a statement too.

— Alan

Sad news, he was one of my favorite actors.


Awful news. I met him in Queenstown once with my Dad. He was super nice.

RIP Robin. Really sad news.

The word was Robin Williams was a huge gamer. He was seen buying lots of games over the years. I saw one of his Working on New Materials in San Francisco, and he riffed about Battlefield for a while. Damn it, I wish I could remember how that went.

Ah, this is so sad. Williams could obviously overplay the sentimentality in his roles, but he was such an earnest, passionate, and truly brilliant man. Like many others here, I was old enough to see him in the original Happy Days and Mork & Mindy broadcasts. Such a funny and charming dude. :(

Very sad news. Especially if the reports are true that depression was the root cause leading to suicide.

Yep, and it went way back - when I worked at Sir-tech, the word was that he was a big fan of the original Wizardry.

When he first appeared on the scene there was nothing else like him - certainly nothing else on prime-time TV was that manic or that meta, spitting out pop culture references like a gleeful machine gun. Modern day comedy owes him a lot. RIP

Argh, damn. He wasn’t a great actor exactly, but he was good in some roles and he was very funny.

He was pretty open about suffering from bipolar disorder. Sucks that it got him in the end.

He named his daughter Zelda after the Nintendo games.

Very sad news. I just hate losing people to suicide.

Very sad news…and I wish I could say that his suicide was surprising. Always seemed like a part of his humor was it’s manic nature, a man running from something inside himself.

I had the same impression.

Very sad news.

I had the same impression myself. For me, Williams was all over the map as an actor. I’m old enough that I watched him during the first seasons of Mork and Mindy and during his Happy Days cameos. There were times that his manic hyperkinesis annoyed me, but when he didn’t overdo it, it was entertaining. The same applied for his more serious dramatic roles, which often went past sentimental and into schmaltz. Again, though, when he could find the sweet spot, he was good. I won’t miss him much more than any other tragic suicide–but the suicide IS tragic and is always a risk with bipolar sufferers.

Oh no… :(

It’s funny how sometimes you can lose someone you don’t actually know but still be affected by it. I was incredibly sad when I read this, just like I’d been gut-punched or something, and even hours later I feel super bummed about it. I really liked his work, and some of his films and performances were just unbelievably funny. I’m really going to miss him, I found him to be genius.