RIP Robin Williams

Oh shit, unbelievable loss!

Fuck suicide

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this.

Yeah, I agree. It’s the worst. It really haunts the people closest to the deceased, for the rest of their lives. Friends and family forever wonder what they could have done differently, what they should have picked up on, etc.

It’s worse for the children because they wonder if the kind of mental issues that led their dad to kill himself may afflict them someday. It’s a terrible cloud to hang over them, that worry.

Good point, Mark. And since the children of someone with bipolar disorder share both genetic and environmental factors with their parents, it’s not a baseless worry.

You’re right, but they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves, especially if the deceased was bipolar. The wild mood swings of that disorder cause it to have a much higher suicide rate than almost any other mental illness. As one of my psychology professors said, someone who is severely depressed usually can’t muster the will force to commit suicide. Ironically, it’s when they start feeling somewhat better (through therapy, drugs, time, or just random factors) but are still down that they are in the most danger. They’re miserable, but not so much they can’t take action.

Bipolar sufferers pass through that danger zone time after time…

Shouldn’t be but they still will be. When you lose someone like this, you spend the rest of your life wondering about the what ifs. As time goes by, it gets less painful but sometimes you still wonder. I am very sorry for his family, and he left a warm impression for a lot of people. He was a staple while I grew up.

RIP Williams.

Yes, he was. Met him once in a gaming store in Toronto - he came in and blabbed with a bunch of us, getting recommendations, and ended up buying basically every game that was recommended for him. All PC games, so it was some time ago - early 2000s. He was very excited about gaming and was reasonably knowledgeable, binging on gaming from time to time.

Life seems so fragile these days.

He was also a big Warhammer 40k player-Orks.

That’s either really cool or a completely tasteless joke.

I don’t know what army he played, but I know first hand this is true.

Good night, furry man.

Wow, you learn something new every day.

This is supposedly a photo of Williams in a game store chatting it up with fellow Warhammer players. The site I got it from says he’s an Eldar player, though.

Robin Williams went to a few E3 conventions. Sometimes incognito. Sometimes not. (Most people didn’t recognize him when he was in full beard mode.) It was only recently that he stopped going. He was very interested in the games and asked knowledgeable questions.

I Heart Radio’s 24/7 comedy station is doing 24 hours of Robin Williams today in tribute. Fucking amazing stuff. Most standup comics riff on everyday shit (What’s with fast food? Or, You know what I hate about traffic?) Robin Williams read up on a huge variety of subjects, and you can almost see his brain racing around on stage. I just heard him impersonating William F. Buckley doing a economic/political examination of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and it’s fucking hilarious.

Ohhh, thanks for this.

The version I’ve heard is that he collected and painted Eldar but didn’t have time to play. If that’s true he probably played at one point but had to cut back the time he spent on it.