RIP Roy Clark

Say what you may about Hee-Haw and old-timey country, but he could shred anything with a string. I remember watching him when a kid and thinking “how is that possible?”.

I got dragged to a Las Vegas performance of his once, and was dreading the experience. Hee-Haw was what came on after the Saturday morning cartoons were over, and I hated it for that.

Instead I highly enjoyed the show, and would have loved to see him perform again.

Some of these country boys were just pickin’ and grinnin’ FUCKIN SHRED MACHINES.

Fire up Mr. Chester Atkins some time, too.

RIP Roy. Honestly, I didn’t think you were still alive, though.


Whoa, this takes me back. Watching Hee Haw and Dukes of Hazzard with my cousins at my grandparents’ house, those were good times down south. I never understood a bit of whatever was going on in Hee Haw, the people popping out of corn fields to tell jokes to each other just confused me. But I liked Buck and Roy, they seemed like good guys.

Same here, I’d always watch these shows and while I never fully understood what was going on with Hee Haw, it seemed just so filled with joy that I enjoyed it regardless.

I was never a fan of country but I know a world class musician when I hear one. RIP Roy, you were one of the very best!

Huh, Roy Clark kind of looked like that kid from The Sandlot when he was younger.

If it had strings, Roy could play it:

Is Roy rocking a… ukelele… in the middle of that video? I was not aware that a uke could be made to rock.

Here’s one I remember from my boyhood:

Also, I don’t think I realized at the time that Glenn Campbell could shred like the best.

It’s a mandolin, I think, not a ukulele.

The opening “graphics” are a nightmare, but once he gets going it’s just shots of his guitar and it’s glorious.
Until the “graphics” come back anyway. :D

I’m partial to the version of Malaguena that Roy performed on (wait for it) The Odd Couple tv show. Just watch the look on the faces of Tony Randall and Jack Klugman a couple of minutes into the song.

His left hand is literally a blur…

This probably belongs in the “what do you remember that shows your age” thread, but I remember that the Odd Couple was the only weekly TV viewing occasion in our family… my Dad loved it.

And I remember seeing that episode on TV, although it could have been a few years later in syndication.

Now all three of them in that scene are gone. They were all on top of the world at that time.